Why does Amazon link the Driven standalone novels as #5, #6, and #7?

Why does Amazon link the Driven standalone novels as #5, #6, and #7?

With SWEET ACHE’s release coming up, I’m getting a lot of questions lately about if SLOW BURN, SWEET ACHE, and HARD BEAT are absolute standalone novels then why has Amazon added “The Driven Trilogy #5 (#6, #7)” to them?  Well here’s the answer…. I don’t know. Good answer right?  Last year they started linking books in a series together to make it easier for readers to find them and they decided that these (3) books were part of the series and made them part of it in their classifications. So what is important to know about these (3) books I have contracted with Penguin?  Here’s a cliff’s notes version:

1.  You do NOT need to have read DRIVEN, FUELED, or CRASHED to read any of these (3) standalone books.

2. In fact, you can read SWEET ACHE, then SLOW BURN, and then DRIVEN if you’re new to the series because even the standalone stories are not intertwined. Each and every one is a complete story that stands on their own.

3. Colton and Rylee make brief appearances in SLOW BURN, SWEET ACHE, and HARD BEAT. And I mean brief but their appearances are to help carry the plot line of that particular book and does not focus on their story at all.

4. Who are the books about?  I haven’t heard of these people….

SLOW BURN – Becks and Haddie – ON SALE NOW

SWEET ACHE – Quinlan (Colton’s sister) and Hawkin Play (new character) – Releases JUNE 2nd

HARD BEAT – Tanner (Rylee’s brother) and Beaux Croslyn (pronounced Bo, and is a new character) – Releases November 3rd

5. Why does HARD BEAT not have a cover?  The cover will be revealed NEXT week on APRIL 21st! along with an excerpt. Stay tuned for details.

6. Can I PRE-ORDER SWEET ACHE and HARD BEAT? Yes you can! They are available on all platforms now!

I think those are the main questions but if you have any others, please feel free to list them in the comments and I’ll make sure to answer them for you!


  1. Have you any further developments on the audio of Slow Burn. Yes I’m the crazy audio book lady who keeps pestering you – sorry (not sorry!)

    • It’s a long story…and I’m trying to get it answered for you…but it’s a mini battle we’re trying to get solved!

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