When was the first time you fell in love with Colton Donavan?

When was the first time you fell in love with Colton Donavan?

When was the first time you fell in love with Colton Donavan? I’ve been reading through quotes from all five of the books in preparation for the new covers to be revealed Monday, May 9th … And I thought since next week will be the third anniversary of Driven’s release, I’d ask the question:

When was the first time Colton Donavan captured your heart?  

Was it somewhere in Driven? Or possibly Fueled? Or did you have trudge through Crashed to see how it ended for you to finally fall for him?

For me? There were so many moments for me. I loved in Driven when he met Zander for the first time because I knew there was more there…. but the moment I knew he was going to be hard for me to top, was when I wrote Fueled’s prologue. We saw the invisible scars beneath his hard ass facade. And then the shower scene that followed…. and basically every chapter after that stole a tiny bit of my heart as I wrote it.

*Warning – SPOILERS ahead*

In Fueled, I loved writing drunk Colton when he couldn’t spell ‘inebriated’ …. Or in Las Vegas in the garage when he knew he wanted Rylee, but just couldn’t find the way to let her in. I loved Colton in the limo when he was contemplating Rylee being underdressed/overdressed. Or when he placed Rylee in front of that mirror to show her why he chooses her. And even that next day, I lost a little more of my heart to him when he sat in that dive bar (what I call the Humpty Dumpty chapter) and broke the mirror with his fist. And then damn, when he stood amidst the swirling chaos at the track and called out, “Hey Ryles,” and then said those three words that have become so important to this series, I Race You. And then the four words of that last chapter…. my heart jumped in my throat as I wrote it.

And then there were the scenes in Crashed that tied more little ribbons around my heart. Colton needing Rylee to be strong when he couldn’t. The scene on the chaise lounges when Rylee explained how she loved the broken, the bent, and every other part of him. Or when he finally remembered he raced her. And then came trouble. With Tawny. With the unexpected. With Zander’s father. With the ‘Say Something” chapter. That chapter was my proof to the reader that Colton could be the man we all thought he could be. And maybe we even fell in love with Becks some too. When he showed Colton where his alphabet, A to Z, was. His emotions understanding what was happening stole my heart…. but nothing compares to the scene when he’s at the track with Rylee at night time. When he bares his demons to her. His raw honestly and brutal confession tore my heart apart and then put it all back together when he finally told her the words for real… I love you. So many chances to fall for him in Crashed. Then the proposal. The scavenger hunt. The wedding.

But then came the unexpected Raced. The insight to his thoughts. The moments he realized he really loved Rylee. The moment he figured out that damn grain of sand was so much more than what he ever thought.

And lastly was Aced… *sigh* The book where Colton took everything we’d witnessed in the previous four books and we were able to see the man he’d become. The husband we knew he could be. The rock for Rylee when she needed him the most. His thoughts seeing Ace for the first time. His heart to heart with his son as he struggled to be a dad. The endless memories he made up for Rylee to hold onto until she could overcome her burden. Marriage and responsibility definitely made him sexier and love him that much more…

So many moments throughout this series that stole my heart – piece by piece. And now that I’m looking back, I forgot so many of them and smile at the memory of where I was when I wrote it or how I got the idea for the scene in the first place… or it makes me recall an email I received from a reader about how this or that scene touched them.

So as we await the new covers to be revealed next week, tell me, when did you first fall in love with Colton Donavan?

  1. I like the jerk-boys in books best, so I have to admit that I was #TeamColt from girl in the hall to the cocky a%s in the closet scene.

  2. Maybe it was the proposal or when he finally said “I Raced You” or his quality time with the boys or meeting Ace for the first time. As you can see I’ve fallen in love with Colton over and over again…

  3. Totally when he met Zander!

  4. I knew he was special when he showed up the morning after they had sex in his hotel room and begged her to go on a date with him that night and they had a picnic on the beach…..you have such a beautiful way of writing, thank you for taking me away and on their adventures

  5. The first time Colton speaks with such care to Zander and Zander smiles at him.

  6. Colton had my heart from the very beginning, when the panicked Rylee fell out of the closet and into his arms. I knew nothing of the series when I started it aside for the fact that it was only four days before you were to release Crashed. I devoured Driven and Fueled in three days (sneak reading at work), leaving me waiting impatiently for Crashed (I started reading at midnight on release day). I know that's nothing compared to some of your other fans, but your words are impactful and captured me straight away. Colton Fucking Donovan trumped Grey and Cross ten fold. Oh, did I mention I'm a gear head and have a thing for Indy & F1 racing? That was only a bonus for me 🙂

  7. I will never look a tilt a whirl again without thinking about Colton Donovan. That is when I first fell in love with him.

  8. Good lord. From scene one. His cocky attitude drew you in. Every single memory after. However, in Aced you can’t help but adore his constant concern for Rylee. He became the man he never knew he could be. Gosh, Kristy you took a character and made him what every woman would want and adore. He is the epitome of the perfect man. However you wrote him he was adored at least by me. Thank you for my “piece of peace”.

  9. I fell right off. You knew he was a player by thinking Rylee was a "fan girl". That he paid so much for a date. When he came to the house and talk to Zander with such softness for someone so jaded. When he bought beer for Shane. All the little things he ran from but kept running back too. The songs telling Rylee what he couldn't. The roses are red texts. All of it and everything in between. But what got me was the "I Race You Rylee". IMO the best series written.

  10. I fell for him very quickly….even at the auction but I think I realized it when they began texting each other song titles to show how they were feeling. I often express my own emotions by what I am listening too and it made so much sense to me. What is hard to say can be known by a song.

  11. For it was at the hotel when Becks forces them to talk an ryles leaves an he runs after her barefoot =)

  12. For me it was at the hotel when Becks forces them to talk an ryles leaves an he runs after her barefoot =)

  13. Not sure of the exact moment but think it was little by little too. I do love the first time he met Zander and just his overall treatment of Ryles. I loved that he tried to communicate to Rylee through her method – songs right away. I loved the email and text exchanges and just the general banter of all the characters. As the books went on I fell deeper and deeper in Fueled and then with Crash and Raced I was gone. Loved the entire connection of Colton and Becks………….A to Z!!!!

  14. Oh god where to start. The beach date, meeting and connecting with Zander, the fairground and Ferris Wheel, I Race You, The whole of Aced! I loved him from the start!

  15. I fell pretty quickly but my heart went into overload when he met Zander. He was amazing with him and the rest of the boys from day one and I knew he was going to become a character in a book that would stick with me.

  16. Just loved them both from the beginning through every single book wish you would write more about them can never have enough of Colton and Rylee

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