What’s your #DrivenStory?

What’s your #DrivenStory?

Over the past few weeks, some of you have taken it upon yourselves to send me your #DrivenStory (i.e. how you came upon the books, why they resonate, why you love them, etcetera). I’ve decided to do a little thing called ‘What’s your #DrivenStory?’ and post them over the next couple of months leading up to ACED’s release…

If you’d like to participate (and you can do so anonymously if you prefer), please fill out the following Google.doc HERE and tell me your #DrivenStory.

I can’t wait to hear them!

  1. I found these books through a friend on the Crossfire fansite– she recommended them and I started them that night… finished all four in less than two days… and then I joined the VPPC and met some of the best friends I have ever made and of course the most kick ass author on the planet… As I suspected though I have read MANY books since.. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING tops the Driven series <3

  2. I come onto the driving trilogy on my kindle- I was, looking for a good book series to read . After the first book I was hooked . I loved how ruler loved Colton for who was not for his money or fame. I loved how Colton loved ruler for who she was. After I read the series I was hooked for good.

  3. It all started with Jennifer Wagh. I read Fifty and wasn’t sure who to talk to about this. Then I opened up and shared. She suggested a series. I was home for the summer and wanted to read anything other than children’s books or teacher related materials. I purchased Driven and sat for a moment with my Nook to dip my toes into this new world she exposed me to. Well I devoured it. I quickly read each book as fast as I could download it to my Nook. I sat in my cozy corner on the couch. I was entranced with the characters, the story, the love they grew into. I ignored things I was supposed to do. She has suggested other authors that I read to pass the time, but, K. Bromberg is gifted. She truly is one that as a reader I feel I am part of the story. Not a main character, more like a fly on the wall. But I’m in the room, the car, the restaurant with them. The Driven series has been a wonderful release and Jen is the one I thank for introducing me.

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reviews: 2798
ratings: 32536 (avg rating 4.36)

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