What does ‘A Driven Novel’ Mean?

What does ‘A Driven Novel’ Mean?

So the covers of Slow Burn and Sweet Ache (and I’m assuming Tanner’s book (yet untitled)) say ‘A Driven Novel‘ on them. I’m getting a lot of questions asking me ‘What does that mean?”

All three of these spin-off books are complete STANDALONE novels. I can’t stress that enough. In writing these books I worked super hard to make sure that:

1.) They are their own complete novel focused on the new characters. They can STAND ALONE. When you read the last page of each book, their story is complete.

2.) You DO NOT have to have read the Driven Trilogy to read any of these three books. 

3.) These three books can be read IN ANY ORDER. They are not connected in any way other than the fact that they are the stories of characters in the original series. 

4.) Rylee and Colton are present in the stories but few and far between. They do not carry the novel in any capacity. While they might have scenes such as Becks and Haddie did in the Driven Trilogy, they are not the story.

I know you all want more Rylee and Colton and you will get that in the 10-Year Gap Novel (still untitled, expected late 2015), but don’t pick up Slow Burn (2/24 release) or Sweet Ache (June 2, 2015) or Tanner’s book (November 2015), and expect a continuation of The Driven Trilogy. You will be sadly disappointed. Haddie & Becks and Quinlan & Hawkin and Tanner & Beaux, all have their own unique story to tell, and I can’t wait for you to fall in love with them as well.

I write and will release these books with the knowledge that it will be a hard feat for me to make characters that you’ll fall in love with as passionately as you have Rylee and Colton, but I think once you get immersed in these new stories, you’ll find a bit of room in your book boyfriend heart to love these guys as well.

I hope that clarifies some of the questions you’ve been asking. Please let me know if you have any more. 


  1. I will not be disappointed. Your books rock, as will these, of this I am certain.

  2. I am sure we will love them. I do love Colton but Becks had me interested in driven series. Thank you so much for giving him a story

  3. I know I’ll lobe

  4. I know I will love them. I cannot wait.

  5. Sounds all good to me 🙂

  6. I’m sure the clarification is necessary but I just want to clarify that I already fell in love with Becks, Haddie and Quinlan and I am so intrigued with Tanner! So ALL good on the stand alone books. Besides, I wouldn’t want anyone to take away from Colton and Ry when you get to them. Be well during these hectic times and stay #Awesome.

  7. What can I say Kristy . You rock . We understand about the story line and how Haddie and Becks have their own issues we know how they met . That's the connection thank you again for your writing skills . We race you

  8. Thank you, Kristy. Your books are soooo hot. Gets my blood flowing.

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