Want to be a permanent part of FUELED?

Want to be a permanent part of FUELED?

A Contest Extraordinaire
 Do you want to be in my mouth? Oh wait, let me rephrase that slip of the tongue…*winks with a wicked grin* Do you want your words to come out of my mouth?
 Well, K.’s been teasing you with little comments here and there about a contest she’s going to have…so, I figured I’d put the rubber to the track and get this thing in kicked in gear.
 You see, it all started when I bitched at K. for not telling me what A.C.E. stands for. What kind of shit is that? She told me that if Rylee’s my girl, I should be able to figure out the answer. What is it about you women all having each others’ backs, huh?…Here’s the thing, on the track, I don’t need any help—I’m just that good—but when it comes to figuring out Rylee? Hell, I need all the help I can get in understanding what’s in her head. You guys got to hear everything Ry thought in Driven—I didn’t—so maybe you can throw me a bone here. Help me out a bit.  You game?
 So here’s the deal.  Starting now, K. and I are running a contest…we’ll call it A Contest Extraordinaire.  If you have a guess for the meaning of Ace that you want me to ask Rylee in Fueled (Book #2 of the Driven Trilogy), type it up and send it to my email address ColtonDonavan(at)gmail.com .
K. and I will go through them and pick the best one – and if there’s a lot of great ones, we just might have to draw them at random and use a couple of them.  How’s that sound?
The prize you ask?  I’m right here!  *grins*…seriously though Ryles might not like that too much so I guess I need to offer up something else as a prize:
  1. Your guess will come out of my mouth and be part of a published novel, Fueled out on August 27th
  2. You will get a signed paperback copy of Driven
  3. You will get an e-copy of Fueled
 The contest will run now through July 19th. So what are you waiting for?  Without my set parameters, women are a fucking mystery to me—not their bodies obviously (you’ve read Driven right? *arrogant smirk*)—but what’s in their heads. So please, help a guy out here. I’ll owe you big time.
 Oh, and if you have no fucking clue what I’m talking aboutthen you need to get your ass onto Amazon, download Driven, and read the damn bookthis contest will make a hell of a lot more sense then.
 xx Colton
p.s. I almost forgot…make sure you head on over to my Facebook page. Make it your own!  I love checking all the shit out that you say about me. Fucking hilarious.

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