I’ve had an influx of messages lately asking me when the Driven books will be released in what countries. I have in fact signed some contracts for the series to be translated and here is the latest information I have on the where and the when:

Brazil (Universo dos Livros) – DRIVEN (sometime in 2015)

France (Editions Hugo) – DRIVEN (October 2015), FUELED (January 2016), CRASHED (March 2016)

German (Heyne) – DRIVEN (January 2015), FUELED (February 2015), CRASHED (March 2015)

Turkey (Olimpos) – DRIVEN (December 2014), FUELED (tbd), CRASHED (tbd)

Czech (Jota) – DRIVEN (March 2015), FUELED (tbd), CRASHED (tbd)

Portugal (Editora 20/20) – DRIVEN (July 2014), FUELED (November 2014), CRASHED (tbd)

Poland (Helion) – DRIVEN (November 2014), FUELED (tbd), CRASHED (tbd), RACED (tbd), SLOW BURN (tbd), SWEET ACHE (tbd), and HARD BEAT (tbd)

Hungary (Ulpius Haz) – DRIVEN (December 2014), DRIVEN (April 2015), CRASHED is not yet licensed to your Hungarian publisher

Italian- pending release dates

Thai – pending release dates


The two questions I get asked most frequently have the following answers:

1. Please note that we are still working diligently on getting the series translated into Spanish for you. You have all been very patient and hopefully I’ll have good news soon.

2. We are currently awaiting offers for RACED, SLOW BURN, SWEET ACHE, and HARD BEAT from a number of countries, including GERMANY…I’m getting asked this a lot so please know we’re trying to get them to you as soon as possible!

  1. Im waiting for RACED, SLOW BURN, SWEET ACHE, and HARD BEAT to tranlate in THAI.

  2. Ubsolutely loved the series. I wish i could read them in greek too.

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Driven Driven (Driven, #1)
reviews: 2798
ratings: 32536 (avg rating 4.36)

Fueled Fueled (Driven, #2)
reviews: 2363
ratings: 30108 (avg rating 4.54)

Crashed Crashed (Driven, #3)
reviews: 2804
ratings: 25431 (avg rating 4.59)

Raced Raced (Driven, #4)
reviews: 584
ratings: 5252 (avg rating 4.25)

Slow Burn Slow Burn (Driven, #5)
reviews: 892
ratings: 4443 (avg rating 4.35)