The ABC’s of Thankful…mean you get an excerpt!

The ABC’s of Thankful…mean you get an excerpt!

So with Thanksgiving just around the corner, everyone and anyone is posting their ABC’s of thankful…and while I haven’t participated in this, I have a whole hell of a lot to be thankful for besides the usual family, friends, health, kids, etc.  And number one on that list is you guys, my readers!!!!  So since a lot of you might be traveling next Thursday and taking a break from the electronic addiction of technology (for dinner at least, pretty please), I thought I’d thank you now….with a little bit of our Colton and Rylee from Crashed….


“God, I fucking missed you.” He growls into my mouth between kisses. And without preamble we are on the move. His powerful legs stride beneath me and strong arms hold me secure while his lips bruise mine in unbidden possession.

Noise filters back. Hoots and hollers of the crew ring through the empty stadium as Colton makes no apologies for walking away without a second thought. Someone shouts out “Get a room!” and I am so overwhelmed, so desperate to sate the desire unfurling within and shocking through my system that I answer before Colton can.

“Who needs a room?” I say before my lips crash back against his, hands fisting in his hair, hips grinding into his as his erection rubs against me with every step.

Laughter rings out followed by catcalls but they’re only background noise to the freight train of desire bearing down on us right now. “Hurry,” I tell him in between nips of lips and delving of tongues.

“Fuck,” he mutters as he tries to find an open door at my back without wanting to take his mouth from mine.

“Oh, you better plan on it,” I reply as I pull back so that he can find the handle. He belts out a laugh as my tongue glides to his neck, the taste of salt on my tongue, the vibration of his laughter beneath my lips. 


Oh Colton, how we’ve missed you!

Do you know what would be great from you, my readers for Thanksgiving?  A review on Amazon. Yep!  25 words is all it takes to make your mark and help this indie author out…because you know what?  December is full of FUN for you guys.  Blog takeovers and Colton POV’s and Colton interviewing someone….yep…lots of fun leading into the new year because you know what happens in 2014?  Um….Crashed.  Yep.


  1. I’m thankful for you sharing Colton with us

  2. OH I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! I love Colton and Rylee!!!!!!

  3. LOVE IT!!!!!

  4. HOLY HOTNESS KRISTY! I can not wait to read CRASHED! Now I am going to have read Driven & Fueled again…for the 4th time. Can not get enough of Colton & Rylee.

  5. Oh my!! I love it and cannot wait to read more!!

  6. So can not wait for Crashed!!!

  7. Love this one, can’t wait for more Colton & Rylee ♥

  8. It’s just getting better and better.. Oh my !! Love these teasers. Thank you

  9. That was awesome! Cannot wait for crash to come out. I love the first two and love colton.

  10. I am so gonna put a review on. Yelp, Colton = Mark Webber, hunk a hunk of burning love.

  11. Wow! Just wow! Wish I could review them again because they were so good! Thank you!!

  12. That was awesome. You have got me wishing my life away. I can't wait for crashed to come out. 🙂

  13. OMG!! So can not wait need more like now!!

  14. Love, love, love it! I cannot wait for Crashed. Thank you Kristy!

  15. Thanks. That was fantastic.

  16. I neeed more !!!! This is not enough !!! Damn kristy i can't wait no longer i need colton & rylee !!!

  17. WOW! I cannot not wait for this! I have really enjoyed the first two books and am currently having "Colton Hangover"……..

    • You have OCD? Obsessive Colton Disorder? Make sure to join the Driven group on FB…it helps… a little 🙂

  18. Oh Kristy you Rock love you!! Thank you so much!! Have a great Thanksgiving.. You have my day… Steamy!! Xoxo VP crew love you!! And I have already done my review wish I could do it again!! Team Pedro!!

  19. Can’t wait for the book.

  20. OMG! Can’t wait for the rest!!!

  21. Mind. Blown. Gah!!!!!!!!!!

  22. wow I can not wait to read what is next my mind is going crazy with different ideas Please hurry 2014 I need more Colton…

  23. One word WOW lol I soooooo can not wait to read this I miss Colton

  24. Omg I can not wait! I'm ready to cry because of the waiting and I never been like this with any book. Kristy you are the best absolutely race your books

  25. OMG. I can not wait for Crashed! This teaser is KILLIN me. I need more Colton & Ryles NOW!

  26. You've just made us even more anxious and desperate!! LOL. Thank you!

  27. After the long day I just endured, this was one of the best gifts I could have gotten today. What a way to cheer a girl up.!!!! I race you Kristy. I'm thankful that you have shared your gift of writing with me. Have an awesome Thanksgiving, and don't forget to #writeKristywrite

  28. oh lordy, colton is the best, just wish that Tawney were there to see this.

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