Sweet Ache UK Cover & Excerpt

Sweet Ache UK Cover & Excerpt

UK Sweet Ache Cover

So here is the UK cover of Sweet Ache… I know some of you were asking about what the cover was that had shown up on Amazon.co.uk.

Now let’s see….are you wanting a little excerpt as well?

And then his voice comes through the speakers as a single spotlight lights up the empty stage. A frenzy ensues all around us as women begin shrieking in epic decibels so that I can’t hear his voice but can feel it somehow. The crowd must feel the same way because the shrieks calm just in time for him to hit the first chorus.

You killed my heart.

You snuffed it out.

You stole my hope.

He sings the notes to their biggest hit, Stolen, and even though the fangirls are on an ecstatic high, the power of his voice a capella silences them. Goose bumps chase over my skin despite the stifling heat of the arena. I’ve heard the song a hundred times on the radio and yet the raw emotion when he sings, like he’s scraping the words from his core, captivates me.

The lights flood the stage in a blaze of brightness, and Hawkin stands there, head down, foot tapping, a striking profile dressed in dark clothing against all of the light. He slowly lifts his head to end the chorus and the guys kick in with their instruments.

And I’m lost.

I know he’s entertaining thousands and has no clue I’m even here and yet I feel like as he peers into what I’m sure is a mass of blinding light on his end that he’s looking straight into me.


©2015 NAL Penguin and K. Bromberg, All rights reserved.


Hmmm Hawkin…. Can’t wait till you ladies get your hands on him too!



  1. sounds ever so good

  2. Wow

  3. Oooooooooo !
    Loving it xx

  4. Goosebpa & chills!!!!

  5. Hawkin!!!!!! ♡

  6. So ready to read more! Chills!

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