Sweet Ache Pre-Order Bonus

Sweet Ache Pre-Order Bonus

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Quick reminder…if you have pre-ordered SWEET ACHE (in any way, shape, or form or country) make sure to fill out the Google.doc HERE to get a little something extra. And that extra is an EXCLUSIVE, never read before scene about Colton and Rylee. Will it be a little look into the 10 year gap book?  Will it be their honeymoon night? Will it be something with the boys? Hmm…you’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. I can’t wait!! Soooo excited;)

  2. I hate waiting!

  3. Oh lord do I want more Colton & Rylee… You just made my day haahaa Does this preorder count on audible too?

    • YES. It is open to everyone….regardless of what format you bought it in.

  4. Already ordered but contes not available in nz

    • You can enter your information if you’re from NZ. This EXTRA is open to EVERYONE!

  5. When is the bonus available? I pre-ordered several weeks ago and filled out request for bonus.

    • It will be emailed out within a week of Sweet Ache’s release. I’m just finishing writing it up.

  6. I pre-ordered it a long time ago and don't remember the date I ordered it

  7. I preordered but didn’t receive the bonus…I did fill out a form. Help?

  8. Oops..just read that it will be mailed out later..

  9. Where can I find the pre-order bonus for Ry and Colton?

  10. I sent in my I for to get the pre-order bonus chapters but have not received them. Do I need to send a screen shot of my order?

    Thank you

  11. Just read the bonus can't wait for the whole book – wow brilliant

  12. I see it has gone out but u havent receuved

    • Debbie – I found your listing. You submitted your email with “.como” at the end, so that is why you didn’t receive it. I will correct it before sending it to the second group. 🙂

  13. I preorder but used another email address and didnt get it so going to try personal email this time. Can honestly say never had any problems before.

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