Some Crashed to tide you over…

Some Crashed to tide you over…

So it’s February 1st!  YAY!  

So what did you guys think of the cover?  Did you like it?  

You know what today means right?  30 DAYS until you get CRASHED.  Yep, Book Baby #3 is in the editing process and I just read this scene and thought, why not? They’re not going to get many more teasers before March 3rd so…here you go…


I have to remind myself to breathe. Have to force the thought into my head because she’s just singlehandedly ripped me apart and pieced me back together simultaneously. And yet the sight of her has left me raw and abraded with tomorrows that will never be.

That I can never get back.

That were never mine to keep.

And from my place on the ground, my soul clinging for something to hang onto before being swallowed into the darkened depths of despair, I yell at the top of my lungs the name of the only person that can be still be saved.


WOW!  Wonder who’s talking there?  Colton? Rylee? Haddie? Becks? Zander? Quinlan?  Way too many options, right? 

Well, have a good weekend…and enjoy whatever it is you’re doing…I’ll be spending some time with Colton…


Crashed - God is jealous SR


  1. CAN’T WAIT!!!!! You just love torturing us don’t you! 🙂


  3. LOVED the cover for Crashed!!! And OMG..who was that??!?!

  4. Wow

  5. Just wow

  6. Awesome!

  7. Really confused with that!!!

  8. You are driving me nuts!!

  9. Afraid to know what is happening here.

  10. Awesome.

  11. There's gonna be some action! Can't wait!

  12. The cover is awesome! You are killing me here! OMG! I can’t frickin’ wait!!!!!!! Race you, K.!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Love the cover and I wonder why the teaser is too? Can’t wait for more Colton & Rylee.

  14. That's a cliff hanger , thanks Kristy , not long now

  15. what? nooo what's that mean omg you tease

  16. Your cover looks awesome. OMG can't wait for the book to come out . One more month!! I'm dieing here with all the teasers. Can't wait to see what happens to Colton and Rylee.

  17. Omg I'm a terrible wife and mother, just arranged for the 3rd march for my children to be picked up from school and looked after until my hubby collects them and then I've asked him to cook so I can read crashed all day and wait for it . . He agreed! So excited, I hope my family still love me! Lol

  18. I just loved your books, they are so well written and I can’t wait for crashed, am rereading them again to get ready for crashed xx

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