Slow Burn - Sex on Fire

Since my silly video yesterday  (see Facebook) where I blushed like crazy when I read a certain line in that excerpt, some more questions have come up in regards to Slow Burn so here are your answers:


1. Where can I physically purchase Slow Burn paperbacks?

A: Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, Indiebound, Powell’s  = paperback (I’m not sure of Meijers…They don’t have them here in my part of the country so I’m not sure). 


2. Why is the UK paperback a little more in cost?

A: The UK does NOT have what is considered a ‘mass market’ paperback. The UK version will be more like the US Trade Paperback size (think the size of Driven/Fueled/Crashed).


3. Can I get the special scene that’s in the paperback if I don’t buy the paperback?

A: No. Penguin placed the special scene in the paperback only for whatever reason and I don’t have the right to paste it elsewhere.


4. I pre-ordered but lost my confirmation # or bought off of iBooks or an Audio book and don’t have everything to fill out the google.doc to get the first (2) chapters of Sweet Ache.  HELP!

A:  Fill out the Google.doc to the best of your ability. I will honor it. The Google.doc is HERE.


5. I got my paperback in the mail. WOOHOO!

A:  YAY! Now I’m nervous!  lol. Post a selfie of yourself with Slow Burn and let everyone know it’s finally HERE!  YAY! Seriously though, I truly hope you enjoy it. And after the emotion of the book hits you when you read ‘THE END’ I’d love if you thought enough of the book to leave a review.


6. Can I order a signed copy of Slow Burn?

A: Last change to order your signed paperbacks from Mystery Galaxy! A copy of Slow Burn and some swag with your purchase. I’m going in Sunday morning to sign the books so make sure your order is in!  Go HERE to order.


7. Is the Driven Series going to be a movie?

A: While it’s is fun to think ‘what if,’ this is most likely not a possibility. If you want to have fun thinking about it, head on over to the IF LIST and pick who you would want to star in the ‘pretend version’ – click HERE for that.


8. Where can I submit a question to ask Becks in that Piatkus Q&A thing? (<—technical term there)

A:  Submit there HERE.


9. Why does the release date say March 3rd?

A: The original date of publication was March 3rd. Penguin then pushed the date earlier to February 24th. Some outlets still say March 3rd but that’s just a ‘paperwork error’ because the book will go live on 2/24!

I think that’s all of the questions. If you have more, please ask…I’ll be happy to answer them! 

  1. Luke Bryan would make the perfect Colton Donovan

  2. ms Bromberg hello from England! new fan Angie here! shud i start with driven / crashed series or slow burn series? pls Also are u on instagram

  3. Hi Ms Bromberg. is the paperback version of Slowburn already released in Asia most specifically the Philippines?
    Additionally, I so love your Driven series. When would you come up with the story during Colton and Rylee’s “infant” -icipating, pregnant and giving birth? I would love to learn how Colton got to feel when Rylee got pregnant the 2nd time. These couple’s love story is so touching.

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