New Exclusive Rylee & Colton Scene

New Exclusive Rylee & Colton Scene

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Who wants a new scene between Colton and Rylee that deals with Christmas cookies and icing? You all know how Colton loves tasting his sweets and his Ryles at the same time…

This new scene is exclusive to newsletter members only. I just finished it up and think you’ll enjoy revisiting with them. 

The inaugural newsletter will go out before year end.

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  1. Have we all been naughty?

  2. Getting error also 🙁

  3. I may have figured it out ladies…at least I'm hoping I did. I got the same error message when I clicked the link, but the bottom right side of my screen on my phone had a grey box that said +Follow. I clicked on that and entered my email address…hoping that works!


    Alternate link for newsletter subscription 🙂
    Worked for me.

    • I can get signed up but still haven’t got the to read the scene 🙁

  5. grey Box Worked yay! Thanks Jessica!

  6. This is going to be yummy!! <3

  7. I think that worked!!

  8. The link doesn’t seem to be working x

  9. Click follow it works

  10. Does it get emailed to you?!

  11. Happy Holidays K. Bromberg 🙂

  12. Signed up but can’t access

  13. Oh good… I’m not the only one signed up and waiting.

  14. Looking forward to it. Have a wonderful holiday.

  15. Is the new scene only in the newsletter coming out next week?

  16. I am signed up.. I have the Grey cox that I have clicked and entered email addess and still I can’t see anything… With??

  17. Only see the thanksgiving one…

  18. I'm already signed up but I don't know how to get to it

  19. I do not know how to get to the Rylee&Colton scene

  20. Same here, keep getting an error message

  21. I can't get it either.

  22. I'm already signed up it won't let me sign up again?

  23. Is anyone able to read it?

  24. I never received my newsletter. I’m signed up. Really want to read this. This has been my all time favorite series I’ve ever read.

  25. I’m signed up for the newsletter but I have yet to get

  26. I have tried seversl times not working.

  27. I think I succeeded. Was subscribed. … ok so we wait???? Yeah

  28. I am already signed up but can still not access anything

  29. Haven’t received the link either… 🙁

  30. I signed up for a he newsletter but I don’t know how to look for the scene.

  31. Signed up..signed up..signed up still cant get it :(. Just going around in circles. Disappointed

  32. Just signed up & no confirming email like website said, so I clicked the +Follow box & it didn't say sending a confirming email so assuming it worked??? Did newsletter/scene get sent out yet? If so will I still get it? If not where can I find it? Sorry for all the ?'s but…..REALLY WANT TO READ NEW SCENE!!!

  33. How come I can't read the cookies scene?

  34. Still can't read it either…

  35. When I say I love Colton and Rylee… This excerpt gave me just enough to want even more of them. Thank you for this! I was wondering when exactly Haddie and Becks did a little more than a flight to vegas, and how their book was going to introduce them 10 years later. So thanks for filling in the blanks.

    P.S. can we get a little more Colton and Rylee “happily ever after” or just “ever after”. I would like to see how they handle Becks and Haddie; how they came to adopt; and the reaction of Colton in regards to Ace.

  36. Great scene! I’m in the middle of a Fueled re-read and this was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much! I’m so excited about Becks and Haddie…can’t wait.

  37. The scene gets emailed to you, I thought I didn’t get it but then I found it in my spam 🙂

  38. Just signed up for newsletter how do I get the new scene??

  39. Signed up, keep checking spam and all other folders in email…. No luck… Getting worried

  40. I’m signup and got none.

  41. I signed up for the news letter and it just sends me back to kbromberg home page. Would really like to read Colton/Rylee Christmas exchange. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

  42. I've signed up for the newsletter but can't seem to get to the new scene. Help!

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