Lost/Found Colton POV Scene

Lost/Found Colton POV Scene


(If you have not finished the Driven series, do not read any further)

So I was looking through my computer, cleaning it up, and I just happened to find a partially written Colton POV scene. It’s not perfect and it’s not completed to the extent I would have preferred it to be, but it does me no good sitting on my computer. I thought you guys might like to read it.

Originally I had written this as a possible chapter for the Raced compilation but for some reason or other didn’t like it at the time. So you may not like it either.

The scene:  This scene was supposed to be the set-up for Colton going to ask Rylee’s Dad for her hand in marriage. I didn’t get that far…but I got far enough that it will make you smile seeing Ace back in action…

Here it is:

“You can stop driving me to work you know.”

“I’m perfectly aware of that but I’m kind of partial to the view I get when you walk towards the house.” Curves. Attitude. One helluva package that’s now my whole world.

Rylee flashes that smile of hers – pure innocence – but I know the truth behind it. Know the defiant vixen that owns me hook, line, and huge ass sinker. And fuck how I’d love to drag her back into the Rover and take her back to our bed – or any convenient location – and have my way with her again.

I glance at the back seat, my mind contemplating possibilities.

“Dream on, Donavan.” She laughs and rolls her eyes.

I can think of better ways to make her eyes roll back.

Back seat’s looking better and better.

She starts to close the door and then stops. She glances toward The House where I’m sure at least four pair of eyes are on us in the front window and then looks back to me. Angling her head to the side, she studies me – pursed lips, crease in her forehead – and now I’m fucking worried that she knows.

But she can’t. It’s not possible.

Then again falling in love wasn’t possible either and look at me now. My how times are a’changing.

“What?” I ask, feigning nonchalance. Well trying to. The thumping of my thumb on the steering wheel might be a dead giveaway that something is up. Thank fuck I have sunglasses on. She knows me too well. Would be able to see right through me and know I’m hiding something.

It’s not every day you ask your girlfriend’s dad for her hand in marriage. Remember Hell? Yeah, it’s definitely cold now.

“I’m okay, Colton,” she says, mistaking my nerves for concern over leaving her here. “You don’t need to worry about me anymore. Zander’s dad is gone, I’ve recovered from the miscarriage…nothing’s going to hurt me.” The sincerity in her voice plays me like a fucking violin, pulling on the strings I thought that had been broken and irreparable. Her words make me feel and that in itself is crazy as fuck.

“I know. I like driving you though. Like coming in to see the boys when I can…and love kissing you goodbye.”

“Hm. I do especially like that last part.” She steps on the running board and leans into the cab toward me. Our lips meet, tongues touch and fuck if she’s not the sweetest addiction a man can have.

Only this man.

And I plan on making that a step further today.

We break apart, her taste still on my tongue. “Baby, there’s no doubt about that. Have a great shift. Tell the boys I’ll come in when I pick you up tomorrow and they better be ready for me to kick their butts in an all out Madden NFL marathon.” That’ll distract her. Promises of Playstation duels will draw her attention elsewhere.

“I hear your warning loud and clear. The testosterone alert has been heeded,” she groans playfully.

“”You like my testosterone.” I lift my eyebrows, the sound of her laugh turning me on.

Fuck. I’ve got it bad. Her damn voodoo pussy calling to me on every level: eyes, dick, heart.

“Have fun in San Clemente.”

My heart stops at her comment. “What?” I cough the word out. What in the fuck is she talking about?

“I heard you on the phone with Becks. Something about going there for a meeting today.”

“Yeah. Yes.” Get it together, Donavan. “Going to lunch with one of the Penzoil reps,” I finally stammer. Real smooth. Sweet Jesus, why don’t you just tell her what you’re doing already by overreacting?

“Cool. Have fun.” She shuts the door and then looks in the window. “I love you.”

The emotion in her eyes is like an arrow to my heart. Shit, I’m pathetic, thinking cupid and shit. But damn if the words – the ones that used to choke me, make me ill – don’t come to my tongue like they can’t wait to be said. “I love you too.”

See? Not great… but still our Ace.

If you want more, make sure you pre-order the all new Colton and Rylee book titled, ACED. This books is an entirely new chapter in their story and I can’t wait for you all to read it!


  1. I loved it! Its just so cute and yet dirty which makes it perfect =) I can maybe guess it didnt provide a lot of story building to add to raced but i love it anyway! Thank you for sharing it with us, and for everything you do!

  2. Thank you! That was awesome! Your not great is still better than most people’s great.

    Started my weekend on a high note.


  3. Seriously woman …you can wirte the hell out of Colton's POV…it was great !!! Thank you for finding that for us …made my day alittle bit more happy!!

  4. Loved it anyway. Every time i read more of them i want to start the trilogy all over again. You are amazing! Can't wait until Aced!!

  5. your to hard on yourself … it's awesome ..i can't wait for Aced XoX oh and let's not forget Hard Beat x

  6. Kristy you couldn't write a bad scene if you tried. Colton holds me right in the palm of his hand…it's perfect…Rylee's perfect…the whole thing is just Kristy Bromberg perfect!❤

  7. Kristy I loved every word of it!! Thank you for creating these 2 wonderful characters, it makes me want to do my reread earlier then planned☺

  8. Omg!! I love this

  9. Kristy, I love it !!!!!!! I love everything you write!!!!!! Makes me want to go read all my books again !!!!! which I just finished reading them again for like 15 times already !!!!!

  10. Looooooveeeee it #neededmyfix

  11. What's bad about that? It's Colton!

  12. I read this while following my husband around Home Depot and almost ran into a fixture of light bulbs!! Would've been worth it! (Lol ok not really, they were expensive )! Love it Kristy!

  13. Loved this scene awwwwwwww

  14. Anything about Rylee and Colton is just brilliant. Even in it’s rawest form, their story still awakens my heart!!

  15. I LOVE it!!! My only complaint is I wish there was MORE now! (o: You are swesome!!! Love anything Colton and Rylee!! Can't wait for ACED!!!

  16. Oh my goodness!! This just made my day!!! Any taste of Colton is awesome, even in small doses. So love him!! Thanks for sharing. =)

  17. I am so excited! I love Colton and Rylee so much!! I can’t wait to read more of their story! You have developed some great characters that I am so anxious to hear more from!! Thanks Kristy! Great Job!!!

  18. I loved this! No such thing as a bad scene, this is perfect just like our Colton!

  19. That was amazing should of put that in the book love anything to do with Colton pov

  20. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Anything Colton and Rylee keep sending!!!!

  21. I love this

  22. I love it and thank you for sharing!

  23. I love it!

  24. I absolutely loved it, you should have put it in. You never disappoint Kristy, just amazing.

  25. I loved that scene!! Can't wait to read more lost scenes.

  26. WHAT?!?!?!?!? This is awesome!!! Thank you for sharing it with us appreciate the fact that you care about "US" your loyal fans and readers …. IT's perfect and it's so him!

  27. Kristy, that was not a bad scene at all, in fact it was adorable! I don't think you are capable of writing a bad or a boring scene.

  28. Thank you Kristy, as always you put a smile on my face with your stories. Never in a million years could you write a bad scene and I will never get enough of Colton and Rylee.

  29. Still made me cry at the pure love Colton has for her and how far he’s come. Boy, do I have it bad:)

  30. That was great. Keep cleaning up your computer and find more, much much more! Thanks for sharing it!

  31. This is a great scene! I don't think you could write a bad scene.

  32. Omg!!!! Great scene Kristy , you write the best scenes ever. I love Colton and Rylee and I can't ever get enough of them.:-)

  33. Loved it, Love reading about these two!!!

  34. Loved it!!!! Love my Ace

  35. Love it. How can you not love Colton and Rylee! I can’t wait for Aced!

  36. Loveeeeeeeeee it!! <3

  37. My only criticism is that it was too short 🙂
    I LOVED it!! Loved his nerves and his attitude, his voice! It will truly be a sad day for me when you completely leave Colton and Rylee behind. 🙁

  38. Amazing scene! There wasn't anything not to like, except it ended. Looking forward to more of Colton and Rylee. Your an amazing writer!

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