Just because…

Just because…

Just because a release date is coming…like the RELEASE date will be announced before Christmas (not the book 🙂 )… so just a taste ladies…


“Rylee.” He says just my name again—but no one can say it like he does—and my body stops instantly, reacts instinctively to the emotion in the way he says it. I know he feels like I do—uncertain, unresolved, wanting me to stay and wanting me to go all at the same time—so I just keep my back to him and nod my head.

I know.” And my two word response to his one word says so much too. I know he’s sorry—for hurting me, for loving me so that I’m being put through this, for the uncertainty, for my own insecurities when it comes to what I can’t give him…so many things that I know he’s sorry for…and the biggest one is that he’s sorry for letting me walk away right now because he can’t find it in him to ask me to stay.


oooohhhhhh, I know you hate me now…but I love that last line so I had to share.

Soon ladies…soon.



  1. Cannot wait! Yay I’m so flipping excited!!

  2. good lawd :-/ you are killing us lol

  3. you just killed me with that! I'm shedding tears in my office

  4. Sweet Jesus, you're KILLING me!!!

  5. You're so killing me….ugh!!

  6. Wait… Crashed?

  7. OMFG!!!!! Really…you want to kill us before Christmas. Love u Kristy, but sometimes#%^£<~

  8. O.M.G.!!

  9. My mind is going a million miles an hour imagining things! Great teaser! Do you say thank you when someone teases you??

  10. Wow!!! I’m dying here and now. I read my books again just because I’m addicted!!! I race you… Melts my soul!

  11. Sweeeet jesus !!! Pleas give a date for crashed !!! Spiderman Batman Ironman !!!!!!

  12. You are killing me here…

  13. Read & re-read to make sure that I read it correct , I DID , help me though the day Kristy !

  14. What I can’t give him… babies? Adoption!

  15. Sooooooo excited!!!!!!!

  16. What I can't give you….babies? Leads to adoption.

  17. Not nice!! Not nice at all. I am not going to open my emails anymore. Just when I start to not crave Colton, you sick me back in. I need to go reread these books now!!

  18. OMG please release this book soon before the crazy VP Crew end up nuts!!!

  19. Sweet Jesus woman!!!

  20. Omg is right, you are a wonderfully cruel lady!!!!

  21. Yes it is driving me crazy! I RACE you!

  22. OMG< you are such a tease, love it ♥

  23. OMG…..I can't breathe!! How close is 911?

  24. My insides are literally shaking! Please hurry!

  25. OMG…I can't breathe!! Where is 911?

  26. Oh cannot wait. I can bet it is completely different then what I'm.thinking.

  27. You rock mama!! I can't not wait till Crashed comes out it is killing me… I want a lot of sex scenes & details for Colton naked please…. LMFAO!! More POV from Colton!!

  28. Wait, what? "Walk away?" Grrrrrr!!!! Your killing us

  29. WHAT?????? That is so mean, but I can't wait for the next book.

  30. “Say Something” sounds like the perfect song for this scene!!!!

  31. Emotional roller coaster ride & I'm loving it!

  32. YOU EVIL WENCH!!!! Hahaha I love it! Can’t wait for the book. I’ve re-read “Driven” and “Fueled” 5 times each!!! Needing “Crashed” like last month???!!

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