In honor of my #WickedAwesomeAdminAmysBirthday, a little #Crashed for her…

In honor of my #WickedAwesomeAdminAmysBirthday, a little #Crashed for her…

So it’s my #wickedawesomeadmin Amy’s birthday today…and no one has urged more people to read my books than her…so to thank her for her unending support on her ’29th’ birthday *wink, wink*…I’m giving her a bit of #Crashed…


When I close the door the cacophony outside is silenced. I lean back against the wood, my shoulders sagging at the literal and figurative notion that I’ve just shut out the world and am now in my little slice of Heaven.

I’m now with Colton.

“Tough day?”

I almost jump out of my skin at the rasp to my left. Colton steps out of the shadowed alcove and it takes everything that I have to remember to breathe as he leans against the wall behind him. My eyes greedily scrape over every defined edge—every inch of pure maleness—of his body covered solely in a pair of red board shorts hanging low on his hips. My gaze roams up his chest and over inked reminders to take in the lopsided ghost of a smile, but it’s when our eyes collide I catch the spark right before the dynamite detonates.

And from one breath to the next predicated by a carnal groan, he is on me—body crashing into mine, pressing me against the door ay my back, mouth doing so much more then kissing. He’s taking, claiming, branding with unfettered need and reckless abandon. I immediately reach up and fist it in the hair at the back of his neck while one of his mimics mine and the other is on my hip, his desperate fingers digging into my willing flesh. My breasts pillow and pebble against the firmness of his chest, the warmth of his skin only adding heat to the blaze building inside of me.

An inferno of need that I don’t think will ever be sated.



Lucky for you guys it’s her birthday right?  

Happy Birthday Amy!




  1. wow left us hanging

  2. OMG!!! Thank God for Amy's birthday!!! I ❤️ Colton

  3. Holy mother of teasers!

  4. OMG, great birthday present. Hope it is a birthday Driven, Fueled and Crashed with love for all things Colton and Rylee. Thanks Kristie!

  5. YAY for Amy's birthday!!! Thank you Kristy and thank you Amy for sharing with us!!

  6. Love this. Can hardly wait for Crashed.

  7. Thanks Kristy for sharing & Happy Birthday Amy!

  8. Thank you Amy for having a birthday today… What a present !

  9. Thanks for having a birthday Amy!

  10. Happy birthday Amy!!!!! Damn I can't wait to read Crashed!

  11. Thanks Amy !!!! Happy Birthday to us all!!!! That was awesome! Thanks Kristy

  12. OMG! I so love this!

  13. Happy birthday, Amy! Kristy, you give the best presents! Thanks!

  14. WOW nothing else to say except Happy Birthday Amy. Xxx

  15. Thank you Kristy and Amy for sharing that awesome birthday present!!!

  16. I think we need to celebrate her birthday at least weekly

  17. Happy birthday Amy lucky girl.. And thank you Kristy!

  18. Happy Birthday Amy… #writemorekristywrite…. Please!

  19. 🙂

  20. omg i cant wait you really know how to keep us interested and waiting no matter how impatient we seem i know it is going to be well worth the wait as k. bromberg is the most amazing writer i have seen in a long time i have never truly had a book hang over until her books i can't get into anything else i race you kristy

  21. Happy Birthday Amy!! Thank You Kristy!!

  22. Hapoy Birthday…

  23. Should be Amy's birthday every day. Just saying…

  24. I am SO glad it's Amy's birthday!!! Thanks Amy!

  25. Have a very happy birthday Amy

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