In honor of a release date…

In honor of a release date…

Just something to make the 69 days go a little faster (or slower)….


“I’m out of practice,” he says with a shake of his head and an appearance of his lone dimple. And then despite the carnal need raking though every one of my nerves, I can’t help the laugh that falls from my lips as the fabric of my panties is ripped in half. “There,” he says lowering his mouth to my abdomen and pressing a kiss there. “Much better.”


*sigh* that’s my Ace!


  1. Oh I hate you soooo much…now off to work out how many hours, I can tick them off faster

  2. Oh I hate you soooo much…now off to work out how many hours, I can tick them off faster

  3. O.M.G.!!

  4. I do love the lone dimple….

  5. Very nice Kristy!. I can't wait! 'I'm so excited!

  6. My birthday is the first week in March!! So wow happy birthday to me! Thanks K Bromberg! Can't wait!

  7. Crashed is going to be so good!!!

  8. Omg so can’t wait

  9. So can't wait

  10. 69 more day?! Your killing me 🙂

  11. Ohhhh Ace how I’ve missed you !

  12. Ohhhh Ace how I’ve missed you!

  13. Planning a sick day at work, just so I can read crashed all day!!!

  14. Can NOT wait I really need more Colton !! "I race you"

  15. Really!!! You just leave me wanting more. Lol

  16. Want more now , that's how it should be

  17. Wishing it was March. Wanting more Colton.

  18. Ugh…tooo many days to go!

  19. Omg I so needed and didn't need that at the same time 68 days and counting I need Crashed reading the bits released I'm like "oh heck yes" & about ten minutes later I'm like we'll crap. …I can't wait count down is on!

  20. Damn, I don't wanna wait, but I know I have to. Thank you for that tidbit Kristy, I needed my Colton fix today. 😉

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