If Fueled is Done…Why not Release it?

If Fueled is Done…Why not Release it?

I’ve had the question in the past few days as I’ve released some snippets of Fueled, that if Fueled is done, then why am I not releasing it now?  Here is the answer to the question:
Fueled is not already done…Is it written? Yes…Is it completed? No.
When I first write, I write the bare bones of the story to make sure it flows and the plot works. That is what I’ve done so far. Now I’m at the stage where I go back through and add all of those little touches that make you guys really like it. I perfect the banter and the go between of Rylee and Colton. I see what’s missing or what isn’t pertinent to the story any more and either delete it or correct it (meaning, I make sure that all scenes have a purpose – that they are not just there to add pages to the book)…I then make sure that all links needed for book 3, Crashed, are in there. I make sure that the sex scenes are steamy enough, the sexual tension snaps off the page, the dialogue is sharp enough, the semantics of all the actions are right (i.e. if he’s in his car one scene and then not the next how did he get from point A to point , that the scenes are descriptive enough but not too much that they bore you, and that basically all of the essential elements that you loved about Driven are in Fueled. Then I read it about five times correcting and recorrecting things as I see fit.
And then I send it off to an editor and wait for them to tell me what they see as not being right: grammar, content, diction, plot, etc. And then I correct it again. (and again and again….that part never ends).
After that, I finalize what cover I want, start promoting it to bloggers behind the scene so that I can have reviews of the book on release day so that readers see the book and want to buy it…
I know it seems that if I am releasing snippets now, then I should release the whole thing right now…but the snippets are rough still and most likely will change some….I understand your frustration and wanting Fueled now, but I promise you, the time I am taking is to make sure that Fueled is the best it can be…so that you enjoy it as much as you did Driven and so that you love it that much more…waiting sucks, I know…but I promise it’s for all the right reasons!
I appreciate your patience!

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