“I had no idea Driven would be so consuming and amazing…”

“I had no idea Driven would be so consuming and amazing…”


Can I say roller coaster??????? Can I say ANGST??????? Mixed emotions???? Heartbreak??? Confusion??? ARGH!

I am speechless right now. I have NO IDEA that Driven would be so comsuming and amazing. The story started off slow, but when things started going down, shit got VERY interesting. Let me tell you that Driven will literally drive you insane!!!

Driven is the story of Rylee Thomas. She is a social worker who works with kids and young teenagers who do not have a home. At the place they call “The House”, Rylee takes pride in taking care of her boys. After her tragic accident two years before, Rylee believes that living in a “safe, comfortable and structured” way would be the best way for her to get over her heartbreak and guilt. Little does she know, they sudden and random appearane of the Colton Donovan challenges her to let go of her new self and re-discover the old Rylee by living to the fullest again. With the help of her best friend Haddie she is able to realize that living in her shadow is not the best way to cope with her past, therefore she attempts to let out her “inner slut” with Colton. However, will Rylee be able to conform to Colton’s ways, and will she be able to leave her feelings at bay? or is she single-handedly walking straight into a heartbreak? 

Like I was saying, when I first started reading Driven, I was having a hard time connecting with any of the characters because the beginning dragged on a bit too much. I started getting bored, so it took me longer to get into the story and stick to it. To be honest, I was thinking of giving the book 3 stars at the beginning, but when I got to the middle……….

I was SHOCKED. I didn’t except Driven to have so many HOT and HEAVY sex scenes and all-around heart-shattering angst!!! 

Rylee was your typical young adult who had a past that haunted her. She was strong and happy for the most part. I really liked her and I found her sassy attitude quite charming and funny.

Now, Colton…. What a messed up man. When I say messed up, I mean MESSED UP. He has major mommy and daddy issues, he has commitment issues, he has relationship issues, he has feeling issues, he has ALL TYPES of issues, and like he says, he has baggage that could fill up a 747. Throughout the book, we slowly but poorly find out what haunts Colton’s past. All we know is that he was adopted. In the end, we still don’t know what happened to him when he was a child, which makes me YEARN for the second book. I so deeply need to know what haunts that beautiful man!!!!! Colton is the definition of a bad boy, the devil, the you want it but you shouldn’t take it kinda guy. He is all over the place and can’t make up his mind about Rylee. I really think that book 2 should be in his POV because I feel like Driven really concentrated on him more than Rylee. 

Overall, right now, I can’t really say much because I’m still out of words at how the story ended and how this book completely flipped me around like a Zipper ride. If you haven’t read Driven yet, I really suggest that you do!!!

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