Housekeeping Items…

Housekeeping Items…

A few housekeeping items for a lot of the new people to the page:

1. For those who have just finished Driven on ibooks, Kobo, or Nook – Fueled will be available at the end of next week on those platforms. I have to wait for my Amazon contract to expire before I can sell elsewhere. Stay tuned here and I’ll announce when it goes live.

2. Crashed will go live across all platforms on 3/3/14. On Amazon it will be midnight. The other platforms I’m assuming the same but sometimes they are a tad less predictable on time frame.

3. Information on my signings, how to obtain signed copies, song lists, book trailers, etc….those answers and more are all over here, on my web site,

4. Other ways of virtual stalking besides here and my web page:

5. Crashed pre-order link…I’m still being asked for this is:

6. For those into Audiobooks…Fueled will be released on 3/18 for audio. You can pre-order here on Amazon:
Fueled Audio Preorder
And I’m sure Audible won’t be too far behind it.

7. No I do not have any tickets to BookBash. There is a possibility that the attending authors might get a pair to give/auction, etc. but at this time we have been told nothing about it since it sold out so quickly.

8. Re-read of Fueled is still going on over in the Driven Group – feel free to ask me questions if you want to in the events section over in the group. Also in the group are links to all of the posted Colton POV’s over the last year and a few extras 😉

9. For bloggers requesting items for posts on their page during the Crashed release…the sooner you get them to me the better…I’ll will try me best to get to them asap. Email requests to please

10. All kinds of fun Valentine’s Day posts from Colton to Rylee this month…make sure to head over to my Facebook page to find them all.

11. Have you left your review yet for Driven and Fueled? Those mean the world to us indie authors….The Driven Group is trying to get 2k reviews for Fueled by 3/3…I told them I’d release the original ending to Fueled if they got there….so have you left one yet?

12. Not too much longer now for Crashed…so I’ll leave you with a little something….just because you know me, I like to #StirThePot.  Oh, and ladies? This will be the LAST teaser you will get from me in regards to Crashed until 3.3.14 … so enjoy it…

…And I’m not sure which hurts more in the moment, the acid eating at my stomach, his anger hitting my ears, or the ache squeezing my heart. The aftershock turns into a full blown earthquake of disbelief and pain as my thoughts spin out of control and slam headfirst into the wall just like Colton did. But this time the collateral damage is too much to handle as it all comes crashing down around me. My stomach heaves again as I try to grasp on to something, anything, to give me an iota of hope….

Have a great weekend!




  1. OMG, I can certainly see where tissues will be in order.

  2. *gasp* OMG you just want me in a padded room Kristy!

  3. I hate you Bromberg stop doing this already! Your so cruel…… When’s your next book out after Crashed? :))

    • Not sure when…but it will be a story on Beckett and Haddie…I just started it.

  4. OMG Kristy you are killing me here!!! Thank god its almost the 3rd of March xx

  5. OMG!!!!! Ok stick a fork in me, im done. Im going to to a mess on 3/3/14.

  6. Can't wait for Colton! Love this series!

  7. My mind is now racing at 200 mph…CAN. HARDLY. WAIT UNTIL. MARCH 3!! Oh, Kristy, what you do to us.

  8. What?! You sure do love to keep us on our toes!! Love it though. I can’t wait until this book comes out!! I’ve reread multiple times!!

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