Housekeeping and Questions Answered

Housekeeping and Questions Answered

How Bad do you want it


So it’s the new year (can you believe it?) and only 52 days until SLOW BURN (so excited for you guys to read this). I can’t wait for the bloggers to start reading it and commenting on it so that you guys get excited for it. In the meantime, here are a some answers to some questions that keep getting brought up in messages so I’m going to answer them here….

♠ Signed Copies ♠

Yes, I sell signed copies. You order them through my website. I’ll send you an invoice, you pay, then I mail them. Easy.

Order them HERE


♠ How to Get Paperbacks that You Already Own Signed ♠

If you already own copies of the paperbacks and want me to sign them, yes, I’ll sign them. Mail them to me (use media mail rate, it’s cheaper), add a return postage label/stamp, tell me who you want them dedicated to. You can mail them to me at

PO BOX 933

San Diego, CA 91903-0933



WOOHOO!  It’s almost to the 50 day mark!

1. Yes, I will be having a blog tour with SLOW BURN. The Rock Stars of Romance will be handling it so stay tuned because information will be coming out soon in regards to sign-ups for it.  

2. Yes, I have extra SLOW BURN ARCs to hand out to readers. Some will go to predetermined people, some will go to readers in some contests I will hold in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for how to win one.



♠ K. Bromberg Newsletter ♠

 So the first K. Bromberg newsletter went out. Did you all get it?  If you did not get it and you’re already signed up for the newsletter, you can request the link HERE.

If you want to start receiving the newsletter, you can sign up HERE.


♠ Tanner’s Book ♠

No, I do not have a title for it.


♠ The Ten Year Gap Book ♠

No, I do not have a title for this yet either nor do I have a release date beyond Fall 2015. Also, I will not divulge what will be in this book but it will be a full length novel, not a novella as previously planned.


♠ A Movie Deal/Television Show ♠

It is so very flattering that you guys love Colton and Rylee so much that you want to see them on the BIG screen. Here is the answer to the people who ask my why I have not ‘made a movie’ yet.  In all honesty, the possibility is a huge long shot and not something I put much time hoping for…but you never know. I do know the books have been given to film agents to read and see if they fall in love with AND for them to also think it’s translatable to film. I write a lot of inner dialogue and that’s hard to make verbalize on film. 


♠ Correspondence ♠

I’ve been under some tight deadlines as of late so my correspondence has piled up. I’m going to get you all answered ASAP and then dive head first into Tanner’s Book. Thank you so much for your patience.


♠ Release Dates ♠

2/24 – Slow Burn

6/3 – Sweet Ache

late June/early July – possible something if time permits

Fall 2015 – The 10 Year Gap Book

November 2015 – Tanner’s Book


WHEW! Did I get it all?  I think so. I hope that answers your questions. Thanks again for all of your support over 2014 and I’m so excited and can’t wait for you guys to read all of these new characters I’ve created while at the same time getting to revisit some of the old ones. 




  1. Simply cannot wait to read it….dont even need reviews first, going to read it no matter what! They are both really great characters can't wait to see how they interact. Both such smart asses.

  2. Love this news and love you!

  3. This is going to be a great year Kristy. I can not tell you how much I enjoy your books . It gas everything in them from sex, drama, love , and everything I don't have the space to say Thank you I race you too.

  4. Too excited for words…

  5. Ok, this came through my email and I freaking love it. About the movie thing…. I have said this before and I will say it again. It will happen. I can feel it. And it will be big, so keep holding out for the real deal. A big offer from a big studio, it will come!

  6. What about The Signing? Gotta get you and Matthew Sky back together again!

  7. I race you always!!!

  8. 4 possible 5 new reads from you. 2015 is going to be a very good year. Please make sure u take time for u in all of this. Don’t let us consume and burn u out. Take care

  9. Thank you Kristy!! I am patiently waiting (antsy) for Slow Burn!!!

  10. This answered alot of ? But on the movie or tv deal….it would still be cool as hell to see Colton & Rylee on the big screen some day. Just don't say never!

  11. Awesome i can't wait for it & about the movie i like the idea i hope it those come true but i know it will never be as good as the book but i would love to see it

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