Hard Beat Excerpt

Hard Beat Excerpt

I finished editing a book late last night (er, actually early this morning) and I’m about to open a document to start something brand new … I hadn’t taken a break from my daily writing schedule in almost three years. The month off from it was welcome but now I’m antsy to jump in and bring some new characters to life… 🙂

But first…. I thought I’d share a little bit from Tanner and Beaux and HARD BEAT 🙂

“Dude, hold your horses!” I walk over to the door. Just as my hand grips the handle, I hear Beaux’s muffled voice from the other side, and it surprises the shit out of me.

“Don’t even think you’re heading out without me.”

How in the hell did she know something came up?

When I turn the handle and let the door fall open, we stand motionless as she stares at me with her green, assessing eyes. The damn woman is observant, and I’m not sure if I love that or hate that yet, but I have a feeling I’m going to find out one way or another because she doesn’t seem to be a wilting flower in any sense of the word.

She enters when I take a step backward, and I like that the hard glint in her eyes goes hazy for just a moment when she takes notice of my bare chest. She stares a bit longer than is professional before dragging her eyes over my torso and back up to my face. Can’t say it doesn’t give me a small thrill of satisfaction to know she likes what she sees. Except there’s no way in hell I’m letting her touch me again.

And then of course she opens her mouth and ruins it all. “Going somewhere, Pulitzer?” She stands with her hands on her hips and her head angled to the side.

“You stalking me or something?” I prop my shoulder against the wall and shove my hands deep in the pockets of my cargos.

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“Last time I checked, I didn’t have to.”

HARD BEAT releases November 3rd.  If you pre-order, make sure to enter your pre-order information in this Google.doc HERE for your chance to win one of TEN paperback advanced copies of ACED.

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  1. I like her smart attitude, won't take his garbage, tell it how it"ll be boys and I LOVE the nickname PULITZER!! Love the two together already, its going to be like oil and H2O / Fire & Ice HOT!! SIZZLE!!

  2. I like her smart attitude,she will stand up to him, take no prisoners! Love “PULITZER”!!great nickname. I am in love with this couple already, they have the chemistry, raw sex appeal,Bogart & Bacall, with K. Bromberg as the driver November can’t come fast enough!!

  3. Sounds great I love her attitude

  4. Yahoo!!!! I so can't wait for Hard Beat! R

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