From the fast lane of Driven’s Colton Donavan…

From the fast lane of Driven’s Colton Donavan…

Just a quick note to say hi to all the fans out there of Driven
 I know, I know (holding hands up), a lot of you are hating me right now—like really hating me—for what happened at the end of Driven(runs his hand though his hair and sighs). You can blame K. Bromberg for that clusterf@*k of an ending. If she just would’ve finished the rest of the story of Rylee and I in one book, then you’d have a more complete picture of everything.  I bitched at her for hanging me out to dry like that but she just muttered something about being inconsequential to me and that nobody would want to buy a 1,500 page book so she had to break it up…And of course she did it at my expense!  F@*king temperamental authors.  Sometimes, they think more about you, the readers, then they do the people they create.
 We will get to why you’re so pissed at me, but first I want to ask what you think of the story so far?  It’s so damn weird to be talking about my life like it’s some damn make-believe story, but I guess that’s what happens when someone decides your life is interesting enough to write a book—no three books—about.  
 So what do you think about Ryles?  She’s fan-f@cking-tastic isn’t she?  All feisty and stubborn, and selfless and compassionate, and gorgeous and sexy as sin.  Sweet Jesus! I get hard just thinking about her (a roguish smirk turns up the corners of his mouth)…but that’s another story. 
 And what about her boys?  Cool f*@king kids if you ask me.  Handed a shit deal in life, but white picket fences aren’t in the cards for all of us, right?
 Oh, and what’s this shit about not telling me what A.C.E. stands for?  I hear K. Bromberg’s going to have a little contest soon where YOU, the readers of Driven, can help me guess what it stands for—look, on the track, I don’t need any help, but when it comes to women, Rylee in particular—I’ll take any help I can get in understanding what’s in her head. Hell, you guys got to hear everything Ry thought—not me—so maybe you can help me out a bit…Anyway, I’m going to help K. pick the best guesses, and then I’m gonna ask the winner(s) if I can take their guess as my own and ask Rylee in Fueled.  What do ya think? You game? Stay tuned to K. Bromberg’s pages in the next few days for an announcement.
 So…back to why you’re all mad at me…what can I say except that Ryles didn’t deserve how I treated her?  I may be a guy, but I’m not so f*@king stupid that I don’t know that. Look, I think I got a bit of a bad rap at the end of Driven…and believe me, those of you calling me a dick, I get it—but it’s not the worst I’ve been called. (He flashes a lightening fast grin). All I’ll tell you is that in August when you get a chance to read Fueled, my voice will most definitely be heard.  No doubt about that.  So stay tuned, you’ll see how I redeem myself—I promise, it’s a ride you’re gonna want to take.
 xx Colton

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