Q: How do I get signed copies of your paperbacks?

A: Click HERE or on the SHOP tab above. {Make sure to read the SHOP FAQ on the right hand side as well.}

Q: Do you have song playlists for the books?

A: I do in fact have playlists on Spotify. They are:
Driven: Driven Playlist
Fueled: Fueled Playlist
Crashed: Crashed Playlist
Slow Burn: Slow Burn Playlist
Sweet Ache:  Sweet Ache Playlist
Hard Beat:  Hard Beat Playlist

Q: Is there somewhere I can go to talk to other “Driven Trilogy” fans about the books?

A: Yes! If you are on Facebook, you can join the The Driven Trilogy Group.

Q: When will your books with Penguin be released?

A: SLOW BURN and SWEET ACHE are available now.  HARD BEAT will be released November 3rd, 2015. Stay tuned for more news soon about upcoming books in my partnership with Penguin.

Q: Do you have to read the Driven Trilogy to read SLOW BURN, SWEET ACHE, and HARD BEAT?

A: No, you do not nor do you have to read those three books in any specific order since they are all their own, standalone story.

Q: Will you write any more on Colton and Rylee?

A: YES! I will publish a new book titled ACED that will be released January 11, 2016. For more information on that book as well as pre-order links, go HERE.

Q: Will you write something other than the Driven books?

A: YES! I’d love to and in fact have several outlines that I can’t wait to dig into and start writing.

Q: What is the best way to keep informed of your new releases?

A: If you don’t follow Facebook or Twitter or fear you’ll miss any information, you can subscribe to my newsletter HERE or follow me on my Amazon Author page HERE to receive emails from Amazon when I have an upcoming release.


Q: What started your interest in writing?

A: I have written for as long as I can remember. I always have a half written story or pieces of one on paper somewhere in my house or in my head. In fact upon completing DRIVEN, I was cleaning out old documents in my office and I came across a story I had started over ten years ago about an arrogant race car driver and a woman dealing with abused kids—so obviously the story in DRIVEN has been in my head for some time, it was just waiting for the right time to come out.
Needless to say, my poor parents probably had to listen to way too many of my writing projects (good and bad) throughout the years. I use writing as my way to relax and express myself, so it’s a great feeling when the characters taking up residence in my head actually come through as clear as Rylee and Colton did onto paper.

Q: What’s your writing method?

A: I’m a planner. I outline obsessively but sometimes you have to go with what the characters are saying and write off the cuff.

Q: I want to write, where do I start or what should I do?

A: I wrote a blog post about that HERE. Check it out and let me know your other questions.

Q: What are your favorite scenes to write?

A: I love to write the scenes where there is verbal sparring. I usually write them and then during the next few days, ideas will hit me that make the scene that much better. It’s kind of like when you have a fight and then hours later you say, “Damn, I should have said xyz!” When writing these scenes, you have that moment but get to actually say it.

I will say that while they are fun to write, I find that the sex scenes are the most difficult for me. Typing down physical actions is one thing, but putting real emotion with it and relaying it so that it’s fresh and new and not mechanical-sounding is sometimes challenging.

Q: What are your least favorite scenes to write?

A: The ones that aren’t working! Meaning the scenes that I can plan out perfectly in my mind but the minute I try to type it just comes out all wrong.

Q: Do you answer questions for Book Clubs?

A: Yes! Please fill out the form located HERE.

Q: Do you donate books for giveaways or charity?

A: I ask that you please fill out the form located HERE.



Driven Driven (Driven, #1)
reviews: 2798
ratings: 32536 (avg rating 4.36)

Fueled Fueled (Driven, #2)
reviews: 2363
ratings: 30108 (avg rating 4.54)

Crashed Crashed (Driven, #3)
reviews: 2804
ratings: 25431 (avg rating 4.59)

Raced Raced (Driven, #4)
reviews: 584
ratings: 5252 (avg rating 4.25)

Slow Burn Slow Burn (Driven, #5)
reviews: 892
ratings: 4443 (avg rating 4.35)