Exclusive Deleted Scene from Fueled…

Exclusive Deleted Scene from Fueled…

In honor of my Book Whores Obsession takeover tonight….I decided to release a previously deleted scene from Fueled…

Okay so you know when Colton tells Rylee “Sometimes it’s good to be the boss?” in Fueled after the Roses are Red poems?  Well in between that scene and the *fan myself* stairwell chapter…there was a scene on the floor of the garage that I ended up deleting because it really added no relevance to the story (aka filler/fluff) but you’ll notice that there are some lines I really liked in here that when I deleted the scene, I moved them to other parts of the book so that I could keep them …well here it is:


I peruse the little alcove I am in on the far side of the garage and take in the pictures that line the walls. I start to read a framed article written about CD Enterprises and its successful pursuit to improve safety devices for drivers. I know its silly but I bristle with pride over Colton’s accomplishments. I busy myself by wandering outside of the alcove and watch the activity on the far side of the garage for a few moments. Men are huddled over engine blocks and workbenches and at several cars on the floor. I look to my right and see what I can only describe is a display of sorts of different cars in another much larger alcove than the one I was in. I meander to take a closer look, realizing that they are all in perfect condition and seem to be various types of open wheel cars. I have no idea what exactly I am looking at but it seems to me that there is some type of progression going on with each one.

“That there was my first Indy Light car,” Colton’s says from behind me, and I screech involuntarily as he startles me.

“You scared the crap out of me Colton!” I exhale swatting at his chest while my heart rate settles.

“Sorry,” he laughs as he runs a hand up and down my back.

“Everything okay?” I ask as I angle my head to watch him.

“Hopefully,” he says cryptically.            

“Wanna talk about it?”

“Maybe later,” he murmurs against my ear, the heat of his breath sending chills down my spine. “I really don’t want to ruin any more of my good mood. ”

I can’t resist his pull. No matter how much my head tells me that this is his place of work and affection is probably unwelcome, my body leans into him. “Neither do I,” I smile up at him. “So tell me Ace, is this room your trophy case of sorts?”

“In a sense,” he says, “It’s always good to be reminded of where you started and where you’re going. ”

 “Well put Mr. Donavan,” I tease as I point to a blue and yellow version of the car. “What’s that one?”

“That was the car I won my first championship in the Lites series,” he smiles as he walks toward where I stand and I can see the tension visibly easing from his shoulders.

“Thirteen huh?” I ask referring to the number that repeats itself across all of his cars.

“It’s my lucky number,” he smirks with a shrug.

“How unconventional,” I laugh, lacing my fingers through the hand he offers me.

“Would you expect anything else from me?” he murmurs with impish eyes.

I bite my bottom lip and shake my head. “Predictability doesn’t suit you. Why thirteen?”

“I’ve defied enough odds in my lifetime so far,” he pulls our joined hands up to kiss the back of mine. A simple gesture that is so uncharacteristic of him, I feel my heart tumble in my chest. “I don’t think a number is going to alter my luck. ”

I turn to admire the rest of the cars. “And that one?” I point over to a black and silver car.

Colton releases my hand and walks over to it and runs his finger down the hood and nose of the car. “I won my first IRL race in this car. ”

I walk over to the car and angle my head as I notice the graphics. “I love the design on the hood,” I tell him. “Very eye catching. ” I glance up at him and the libidinous look he gives me stops me. “What?”

His smile broadens as he hand reaches out to graze a finger along the line of my jaw. “Just the word hood of a car coming from your lips evokes some rather unforgettable images in my mind,” he teases in a voice husky and laced with desire.

I arch an eyebrow at him, trying to contain my own smirk. I twist my lips in thought while I glance around to see that no one is watching before I raise my leg over the thinner part of the nose and straddle the car. I sit down momentarily—deliberately showing my garters on the tops of my thighs before standing back up quickly—afraid that someone will see me. I can feel Colton’s heated gaze even before I raise my eyes to look up and meet his.

“Whoa! Wait a minute,” Colton says tugging me back to the car.

“Noooo,” I laugh, my courage gone. “I was just checking to see if it would be comfortable enough,” I tease.

Colton laughs out loud and grabs me from behind, both of his arms wrapping around me in a vice like grip. “You little minx,” he growls in my ear as I feel the play of his muscles against my back with his movement. “You can’t say something like that and just walk away. Teasing me like that when I’ve been without being in you—tasting you for way too long. Especially when you know how desperate I am to have you. ”

Thank God he’s as needy as I am because I’m not going to be able to hold out much longer. He nips my earlobe when I try to shrug away, the ache almost debilitating. “Desperation doesn’t suit you Ace. It’s not like you’re going to do something about it with a garage full of your employees nearby?” I taunt playfully.

Colton spins me around, his body presses against mine and his hands clasp at my lower back. The smirk on his face matches the wicked gleam in his eye. “Oh Ryles, didn’t you know, that dares like that are what rebels like me live for?” He leans in, his lips a breath from my ear as my heart pounds against my rib cage. “I will have you Rylee, when I want, where I want, and how I want. It’s best you remember that. ”

The dominance in his voice excites me. The threat-filled promise arouses me. The feel of his body against mine vibrating with need and his hands possessing my skin, cause moisture to pool at the apex of my thighs. I tilt my head up and my lips part needing to taste his lips on mine desperately. From what I read in Colton’s eyes, he feels the same way. The days apart have fueled our desire into a raging inferno. All I want to do is take anything and everything he can give me. His mouth is a mere breath from mine, temptation to paradise so close when we hear the fall of footsteps, and he backs away.

“I can’t catch a fucking break today can I,” he chuckles in resignation. “Come,” he says grabbing my hand and walking me out toward the garage floor. It is all very impressive and I’m rather taken aback that the consummate playboy also appears to be the levelheaded businessman as well. I can’t help but think that he is in fact the elusive ‘total package,’ and I’m just not sure how what I bring to the table can compliment that. We are stopped several times as we make it from one side to the other for questions or for Colton to show me something or other. Each time we are stopped, impatience radiates off of Colton, and I can’t say that I mind because he has ever nerve in my body tingling on high alert.

We finally make our way to a side door that Colton ushers me through and I find us in a stairwell of sorts. “Up,” Colton points as he places a hand on my back for me to go ahead of him.


Hope you enjoyed it! 

  1. Love fluff/fill in a story sometimes…..especially when it's as hot as that was!

  2. Thanks. Enjoyable as always.

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