Driven Trilogy Trailer Contest

Driven Trilogy Trailer Contest



* Trailer must be submitted by August 31, 2014

* Trailer must be submitted via dropbox, vimeo link, etc. to

* Create (2) versions of your trailer. One for posting that does not denote who the trailer was made by so that voting can be anonymous and one that gives you credit so I can post them after voting.

* Trailers must say *fan-made trailer”

* Trailers can be for the entire Driven series or just for Crashed


* Winners will be selected by reader vote with each trailer posted with the trailer maker unnamed (to make voting fair)

* Winners will be selected, one for each of the two categories.

* Winner of entire Driven Trilogy book trailer receives:  Signed set of trilogy paperbacks, Driven Dooodle by Christina, $100 Amazon Gift Card, Driven T-shirt by Blingin’ Teez, Complete set of Driven Trilogy Audio books on CD, Driven Trilogy Swag Pack

* Winner of the Crashed Book Trailer receives: Signed copy of Crashed paperback, Driven Dooodle by Christina, $50 Amazon Gift Card, Complete set of Driven Trilogy Audio books on CD, Driven Trilogy Swag Pack

Good luck to everyone and please let me know if you have any questions.


*Please note that if there is only one entry in a category, that entry will be combined in voting with the other category.


  1. Wow good fun. If I knew how to…id be in this lol. Luck all

  2. Awesome!!!

  3. Omg this is awesome. I need to hire someone Pronto lol

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Driven Driven (Driven, #1)
reviews: 2798
ratings: 32536 (avg rating 4.36)

Fueled Fueled (Driven, #2)
reviews: 2363
ratings: 30108 (avg rating 4.54)

Crashed Crashed (Driven, #3)
reviews: 2804
ratings: 25431 (avg rating 4.59)

Raced Raced (Driven, #4)
reviews: 584
ratings: 5252 (avg rating 4.25)

Slow Burn Slow Burn (Driven, #5)
reviews: 892
ratings: 4443 (avg rating 4.35)