Doctor’s Note for Monday 3/3

Doctor’s Note for Monday 3/3

I keep being asked to write a doctor’s note to all of you who would like to stay home/call in sick on Monday to catch up with Colton and Rylee…here it is…(you can screen shot it 😉 )


Dear ____________,

My patient, (your name here), has a serious condition known as O.C.D. and is in desperate need of therapy today, March 3rd and possibly 4th. (or any time thereafter she deems to re-read her prescribed course of medicine). This O.C.D. is different than the usual diagnosis in which I am sure you are familiar with. The O.C.D. your employee has is called Obsessive Colton Disorder and can be very harmful if not treated right away. The treatment is an intense regimen of a new drug combo called Driven/Fueled/Crashed and must be taken in large doses or the full effect does not have a big enough impact to help with the symptoms.  The side effects of this drug combo are continually talking about M.F. Checkered Flags, Calling random people Ace, Eating Cotton Candy, and all around euphoria. If said drug combo is not adhered to as I prescribe, your employee may suffer from a cob-web covered crotch, intense twitching, sexual frustration, and random finger swiping across devices as if in withdrawal of her e-reader. It’s not pretty.

Please heed my advice and allow your employee the prescribed course of action, for both your safety and those that work with her. I’ve seen the fallout of withholding this drug combo and I don’t want to see it on the 10 o’clock news again.

Best Regards,

Dr. K. Bromberg


Do you think that will work?


  1. Dear Dr. Bromberg,
    That is all…

  2. Can we have bail company in case we all want to kill Tawny?

  3. This is perfect!! Thank you!

  4. This is Prefection!

  5. Lol!! Love it and it is so true 🙂

  6. Perfect! Lmao

  7. We may just be snowed in!! Perfect book weather!!

  8. Love my doctors note will show it to my boss tomorrow so he won’t be shells shock

  9. Lmfao Mary Baird

  10. Thank you couldnt have put it better my self

  11. So perfect!!!

  12. That is so wicked, unfortunately won't work with my employer. Wish it would cause I sure have been trying to come up with excuses but since 3/3 is a Monday, I would need the full week to recover. Thanks anyway Kristy.

  13. This. Is. Amazeballs

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