CRASH Dash POV correction

CRASH Dash POV correction

Okay so we had a little mix up with the POV being posted.  Yesterday and today’s on the blogs are the same.  What it should read is this:


Yeah, my dick stirs to life—it’s Rylee isn’t it? But so much more stirs and swells and hopes that I don’t even fight the tears that well in my eyes. For the second time in more years than I can count, I let the tears fall. Silent tracks of impending devastation staining my face.
Who knew that doing what was right for someone else could feel so incredibly wrong? Could break the strongest man by weakening his heart?
Will reduce me to nothing?


I know she can give me what I need—quiet the demons in my head that torment my soul and parasitic heart—like the adrenaline of losing myself in the blur at the track, but I can’t do that to her. I can’t in good conscience hold on to her so tight in order to lose my demons when it’s causing hers to invade her sleep. I can’t take the pleasure when it’s causing her all of the pain.
Before, I could. I would have. But this is Rylee here. The selfless soul who means too fucking much to me. So, no I can’t.
Not now.

Sorry about that!!!

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