Colton and Rylee Extra (as promised)

Colton and Rylee Extra (as promised)

Last week I said I would release the extra Colton and Rylee scene that I wrote as thank you for those who pre-ordered Sweet Ache to all readers. As promised, here is that scene…

“I’m so confused…intrigued…turned on,” Colton says as I lead him through the tunnel by his hand. And the way he says it – half groan, half plea – causes that sweet pang of desire to stir in my core.

“Considering turning you on isn’t very hard to do…” I let the words trail off as his chuckle fills the night around us. When I see the blanket laid out with the picnic basket on it, I breathe a sigh of relief. Thank God all of my contacts here have followed through and put everything in place. All that’s left to do is the big reveal.

“Don’t you dare lift that blindfold, Ace!” I slap his hand away hoping that all of this was worth it: The private flight I surprised him with, having to blindfold him before we landed so that he wouldn’t recognize our location, mindless chatter to distract him as we walked into the facility.

“So if I leave it on, do I get sexual favors for obeying?” he asks, hope laced with suggestion in his tone.

“You just might get all kinds of favors if you’re lucky,” I taunt. His hand is still in mine but my feet falter when they hit the asphalt track, and I take in this iconic facility. Even under the cover of night, its enormity looms all around us. As per my request, a single light tree on the opposite end of the grandstands is lit. No one else is here except Sammy keeping guard at the entrance.

And as I stare at the empty speedway and then back to Colton, for a split second I’m reminded of that night back home at the track in Fontana a little over two years ago. The moment that he relieved the burdens on his soul he’d spent a lifetime carrying and let me completely into his life. How very different and yet so very poignant all at the same time that I’m taking him to a similar setting to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.

“Almost there,” I murmur as I shake away visions from that night and be grateful for the journey we’ve been on and the happiness we’ve found.

“Well we’re outside, the ground is hard…all I’m going to say is that there better not be a hundred people in front of me, sweetheart, because when I think blindfold and you in the same sentence, it brings certain activities or rather positions to mind and I sure as hell don’t think you’d appreciate having an audience while we play that scenario out. Then again…you might just like having someone watch.”

“Just come here and shush.” I roll my eyes and put my hands on his shoulders to square them to the asphalt stretch laid out in front of us and make sure his feet are standing perfectly on the band of brick beneath them.

“Bossy, bossy,” he mutters under his breath.

Hours of preparation, secrecy, and anticipation lead up to this one moment. I stand behind this man that has given me so much. He’s helped me find myself, lose myself again with him by my side, given me confidence, made me feel sexy…and whole – something I never thought I’d be again. My love surges as I lean forward and press a kiss to the back of his neck. When he doesn’t flinch, a soft smile forms on my lips once again reminding me how very far we’ve come.

“I wanted to do something special for you for our first anniversary.” Nerves all the sudden appear as I step to his side so that I can watch his reaction.

“Ry…” I love when that tender tone comes into his voice, the one reserved only for me.

“You can look now.”

His trademark smirk returns as he lifts the blindfold before his mouth forms into a shocked O. My heart skips over a beat and lodges into my throat as I watch the surprise flicker over his features.

“What? Is this…? Holy shit, Ry!” he says as he takes in the sight around him, eyes flickering back and forth between me and the track. I turn and look at the famed Indianapolis speedway surrounding us, the start/finish line delineated in bricks beneath us, and wonder how it looks through his eyes. Is it still a place where he finds consolation to outrun the demons of his past or is it now a track to a brighter future where he can enjoy the wind in his face instead of worrying about the ghosts that linger?

“Surprise!” I hold my hands out to my sides and shrug, tears burning the back of my eyes. Colton swoops me up in his arms and spins me around, his laugh echoing around us.

His lips find mine, that instant chemistry we always have sparking between us. I can tell he’s torn between prolonging our kiss and stopping to ask why in the hell we are here so I’m surprised when he stops me when I try to pull away so I can explain.

“No. Give me a minute,” he murmurs against my lips as our foreheads press against each other’s.

After a few moments of silence, he kisses my nose before slowly releasing me so that my body can slide down the length of his. That spark? It turns into a full blown wildfire at the feel of his chest hard and strong against my breasts.

“Ry…” he says again, voice gruff, fingers lacing with mine.

“What’s the one race you’ve yet to win?”

“The Indy 500,” he states, eyebrows narrowing as he tries to figure out where I’m going with this.

I take a few steps away, the coy smirk on my face unmistakable. “You mean you’ve never claimed the checkered flag here?”

“No.” He angles his head to the side and stares. I can tell he’s working this all out, knows where I’m going with it, but doesn’t believe I’d do something like this.

Taking another step toward the blanket, I begin to unbutton the top of my dress. His eyes widen. His breath hitches. His fingers fidget to reach out and touch. And even after a year of marriage, I love that the notion of me giving myself to him still causes this reaction. It’s powerful. Heady. Comforting.

“Well…” I bite my bottom lip and shrug out of my dress so it can slide down my body and pool on the asphalt around my feet. “I’m giving you an opportunity to claim it. Right now.”

His eyes scrape over the sultry combination of lace and leather I’ve been hiding beneath my dress before coming back to my eyes. His lips part in disbelief, that I’m-going-to-claim-that-checkered-flag smirk of his is back in full force. Our gazes lock as he steps toward me and through the darkness I can see so many things in the green of his eyes: surprise, amusement, acceptance, and desire.

But the one emotion I see more than anything is the one thing he thought he could never give anyone, love. And that warms me more than anything as the cocky, arrogant, bad boy I fell in love with walks toward me with a swagger that says he’s going to claim what’s his.

“Fuckin’ A, Ry…” he groans the words as he takes another look at my ensemble before reaching out and yanking my body against his. Our lips are inches apart, our bodies breathing as one, and our hearts pound against each other’s.

“You gonna claim this checkered flag, Ace?” I raise my eyebrows to taunt him all the while every nerve in my body is attuned to everything about him: his cologne, the hitch of his breath, the widening of his eyes as they grow hazy with desire, and the unmistakable feeling against my lower belly telling me just how much he wants me.

“Baby, I was born to claim it.” I catch a glimpse of his smirk a heartbeat before his mouth finds mine. Our tongues intertwine in a savage union of lust and want, desire and greed, and I know there’s no turning back. Hands roam like we are touching for the first time, fingertips digging possessively into flesh, and it’s still not enough – will never be – because everything I feel for my husband intensifies with each passing day.

And by the way he’s kissing me, I know he feels the same. Right now will most definitely not be soft and slow. He nips my lip and pulls on it softly as he leans back, need in his eyes and “Sweet Jesus” a strained sound on his lips when his fingers dip between my legs to find out that my panties are crotchless.

“Happy first anniversary.”

Fuck!” he groans. “You trying to get me to rip these off of you?” He asks as his eyes find mine at the same time his fingers slide along the seam of my sex. And now it’s my turn for my breath the stutter from the expertise of his touch and the knowledge that he knows what my body needs without having to say a single word.

Fucking is the point. And the panties?” I say, my breath hitching when he slides his finders back and forth coating them with my own arousal, teasing my clit with a hint of touch before moving back down. “They save you from ripping them off of me.” My fingernails score his shoulders as I hold tight and let the sensation swamp me when on the last slide up and down, he tucks his fingers into me.

We both groan at the sensation. My muscles contract around him in response causing every interior nerve to engage. As he works his fingers in and out of me, the night around us fills with the sounds of my moans and his hushed whispers of how turned on he is and how beautiful I am.

“You’re so wet,” he murmurs against the skin of my shoulder as my body starts to tense, his warm breath causing goose bumps despite the fever pitch he’s working my body into. “I’m gonna make you come…then I’m gonna lay you down, fuck you hard and fast because you – this – right now – has me so fucking turned on…but after…later…I’ll make it up to you. I’ll slide my tongue in your pussy, flick it over your clit until you come so hard your muscles are sore tomorrow from tensing up.”

His words, his actions, the here and now – all three of them drive me harder to the edge. “Colton,” I pant as I buck my hips into his hands, taking what I want, getting what I need. And what I need is more.

“Almost there.” He changes the angle, adjusts the pressure and adds his thumb against my swollen clit. Within a minute that ball of white hot heat that’s churning in my belly explodes into lightning bolts of pleasure, surging out to my limbs before retracing their steps right back to the apex of my thighs with a pleasure so intense it bears on painful.

And I’m still coming down from my high that it takes me a moment to realize he’s holding my sagging yet sated body against his for support until he withdraws his fingers and steps back. His eyes hold mine with a devilish smirk in place as he brings his fingers to his mouth and sucks on them. There is something so damn hot about the action but it’s the words he says next that are even hotter.

My turn.” He unfastens his pants, pulls down the zipper, and frees his dick. I lick my lips in response as he runs his hand up and back over its length. He’s a striking picture standing there so devastatingly handsome with dark hair and broad shoulders looking so much like the bad boy I never wanted but now can’t imagine living without. My heart swells in my chest. And then of course when he strokes himself and lets his head fall back so I can watch, I’m seriously turned on.

Ha. Like that’s not hard to be when it comes to Colton.

He lifts his head back up, emerald eyes blazing through the darkness. “Get on all fours,” he commands and my pussy clenches at the dominance in his voice. A part of me wants to challenge him, keep my control, but with my panties wet and body on fire for his touch, I obey. Turning my back to him ever so slowly, I make a show of dropping to my knees on the blanket, and crawling out onto my hands.

The carnal sound he emits deep in the back of his throat tells me he likes the sight: my ass in the air, lace top stockings at mid thigh, and my face looking over my shoulder with a smirk on my lips. He moves toward me, his teeth biting his bottom lip as his eyes scrape over the lines of my body before dropping to his knees behind me.

His hands knead the flesh of my hips, fingers laced with intention, dick rubbing ever so slowly at my opening. My lips fall lax at the sensation and I drop my head down to wait for the pleasure just within reach. I’m lost in that suspended state of anticipation when he surprises me and leans over, his chest to my torso, his hands cupping my breasts, to scrape his stubble against the bare curve of my shoulder.

“You blindfolded me, took the reins…mmm…it was fucking hot, Ry, but a man has to get his control back somehow…And I’m taking that control right now.” The deep timbre of his voice is strained – the sound of a man about to lose restraint – and the knowledge that I can do this to him, for him, still surprises me and turns me on.

“You want control?” I ask

His chuckle resonates as he runs his chin down the bare skin of my back, my body tensing as I wait for him take me. With one hand on my hip, he takes the other and runs the crest of his cock up and down my pussy to make sure I’m ready for him.

Then take it, Ace.”

The words aren’t even out of my mouth before he enters me in one slick thrust. We both cry out from the sensation, my hips bucking from that pleasurable burn I love that tells me he’s filling me to the edge of reason and from the knowledge of what’s coming next. Because God yes, I love the soft and slow with Colton but damn, if I don’t like his hard and fast. To know that I can push my husband to the brink, cause that animalistic urge to surface momentarily as he pistons into me is an extremely heady and satisfying feeling.

And no sooner than the thought passes through my desire laden mind, does he start the slow withdraw out before grinding back into me. That sweet ache of pleasure begins to simmer as nerves are manipulated. The feel of his hands – one on my waist and the other on my shoulder holding me against him so that he can draw out every last sensation makes the whole act seem desperate.

Take. Harder. Sate. Faster. More. Deeper. The words fill flash in my mind but die in the fog of pleasure he’s wrapping around me.

“Goddamn woman,” he says drawing the words out. The slap of his body against mine and our harsh panting as he begins to pick up the pace are the only sounds we make. Our bodies move in perfect synch, his action my reaction, as my knees dig into the unforgiving asphalt beneath the blanket. But I welcome the pain with the pleasure because my body is riding that fine line of heightened sensation as I feel him swell inside of me.

He changes the angle some, pushing himself deeper, faster, harder – unconsciously giving me all of the things I wanted to ask of him – until he cries out my name in a harsh growl. His hips buck, fingers bruise and soothe all at the same time as he loses his control to me once again.

His hold on me loosens, the breath he’s holding exhales, and I feel the brush of his lips against my bare shoulder. I can’t help the soft moan that falls from my mouth as he slips out of me and shifts to sit on the blanket. Our eyes lock as I sit back on my heels, so many emotions surging within and passing between us without speaking. The moment is so real, so raw, so packed with feeling that I can’t help but remember our first date and my thoughts as I looked in my rearview mirror at him standing beneath the street light.

“Most definitely an angel,” I murmur, overwhelmed with how far we’ve come since that night.

Colton narrows his eyes and angles his head, “An angel? What are you talking about?”

The soft smile on my lips spreads. “Nothing,” I say with a shake of my head. The man’s ego doesn’t need any more compliments. He doesn’t need me to tell him that I know the answer to the question without a doubt. Colton was most definitely an angel fighting through the darkness. My angel.

Confusion flickers over his face before I see him push my comment away and hold onto the moment instead as he leans forward and cups the side of my face, thumb brushing over my bottom lip still swollen from his kiss. The depth of emotion in his eyes causes a lump to form in my throat because I know I’m responsible for them. The man who never thought he could feel, now feels in spades.

And this should be humorous. Him with his pants half down and me in lace and leather sitting on a blanket in the dark in the middle of an empty racetrack. But it’s not. It’s perfect. It’s us.

It’s perfectly imperfect.

“Happy anniversary,” I whisper.

“Happy anniversary.” He leans forward and kisses me tenderly. Our lips linger against each other’s like we are one before I can feel his mouth spread into a smile. “You gave me the only checkered flag I’ve never claimed for our first anniversary.” The awe in his voice warms my heart and makes all of the trouble I went through to do this worth it a thousand times over.

“I had to make it memorable. Moments like this only happen once in a lifetime.”

“Everything with you is memorable,” he says winning my heart all over again, “because you’re my once in a lifetime.”

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