Bromberg has a successful series on her hands…

Bromberg has a successful series on her hands…

5 smart sexy stars!  In the words of Colton Donovan, “Sweet Jesus” about sums it up!  K. Bromberg put blood, sweat and tears into every aspect of this novel and it shows.  This is one of the smartest, most well written “erotica” novels I have ever read.  I don’t even like to call it “erotica”, because there is so much plot and character development that the term “erotica” seems to cheapen Rylee and Colton’s story.  But, let me tell you, I will never look at cotton candy the same again.  Is is getting hot in here, or is it just me?
Two characters that are flawed and damaged.  A rich, successful unattainable man.  A beautiful, insecure woman.  They meet, sparks fly.  It may reflect some plot lines in recently successful novels, but that aspect becomes inconsequential the more you get to know these characters.   I even LOVED when Rylee flat out referenced wanting to play “Ana to his Christian”.  Rylee and Colton’s banter is charming and funny, but in the next breath they infuriate you!  The end leaves you with your gut squeezing, your hand itching to slap someone and waiting on pins and needles for Fueled.
I highly recommend this book to anybody that loves a sexy book that also keeps your brain engaged in the action.  Bromberg has a successful series on her hands and can’t wait for the rest of the reading world to get to know this intriguing couple!



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