Want to win a Signed Copy of GREY by EL James & an ARC of DOWN SHIFT?

It’s my 👑 BIRTHDAY MONTH 👑 and so I’m kicking it off by giving away a ✸SIGNED COPY of GREY by E L James Author ✸ AND a ✸SIGNED ARC of DOWN SHIFT! ✸ A girl only turns 40…er… 29 for the 11th time once, right? So here’s how you enter: 1. Subscribe to my newsletter HERE 2. Follow my Amazon Author Page HERE 3. And TAG a friend in my Facebook post HERE A winner will be announced one week from today on my Facebook page HERE 🏁DISCLAIMERS🏁 ➤ I purchased this SIGNED copy of GREY to help raise funds for the charity LITERACY FIRST ➤ […]

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In honor of…

In honor of the Indy 500 taking place this weekend, I thought I might repost this ‘extra’ scene when Colton took the checkered flag there for the first time. Enjoy.   First Wedding Anniversary “I’m so confused…intrigued…turned on,” Colton says as I lead him by the hand through the tunnel. And the way he says it – half groan, half plea – causes that sweet pang of desire to stir in my core. “Considering turning you on isn’t very hard to do…” I let the words trail off as his chuckle fills the night around us. Anxiety over all of […]

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When was the first time you fell in love with Colton Donavan?

When was the first time you fell in love with Colton Donavan? I’ve been reading through quotes from all five of the books in preparation for the new covers to be revealed Monday, May 9th … And I thought since next week will be the third anniversary of Driven’s release, I’d ask the question: When was the first time Colton Donavan captured your heart?   Was it somewhere in Driven? Or possibly Fueled? Or did you have trudge through Crashed to see how it ended for you to finally fall for him? For me? There were so many moments for me. I loved […]

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ACED EXTRA: An Alternate Point of View

****WARNING – ACED SPOILERS CONTAINED BELOW*** ♠ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ ACED, PLEASE DO NOT READ ♠ When I wrote ACED there were a few chapters that I had originally wrote in the alternative perspective (i.e. I originally wrote it in Colton’s POV but decided to rewrite in Rylee’s POV after getting some feedback). The following is one such chapter. This alternate chapter is Chapter Fourteen of ACED but told in Colton’s Point of View. A few things to note before you read it: I left it as is, meaning that the dialogue will not match the published Chapter Fourteen […]

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Down Shift Cover Reveal and Excerpt

I’m so excited to show you all the cover for Down Shift and give you a sneak peek at Zander and Getty!  Thank you to USA Today’s Happily Ever After blog, you can head there right now and go see it: CLICK HERE Let me know what you all think!!!

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