ACED EXTRA: An Alternate Point of View

****WARNING – ACED SPOILERS CONTAINED BELOW*** ♠ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ ACED, PLEASE DO NOT READ ♠ When I wrote ACED there were a few chapters that I had originally wrote in the alternative perspective (i.e. I originally wrote it in Colton’s POV but decided to rewrite in Rylee’s POV after getting some feedback). The following is one such chapter. This alternate chapter is Chapter Fourteen of ACED but told in Colton’s Point of View. A few things to note before you read it: I left it as is, meaning that the dialogue will not match the published Chapter Fourteen […]

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Down Shift Cover Reveal and Excerpt

I’m so excited to show you all the cover for Down Shift and give you a sneak peek at Zander and Getty!  Thank you to USA Today’s Happily Ever After blog, you can head there right now and go see it: CLICK HERE Let me know what you all think!!!

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♠ ♠ ACED IS LIVE ♠ ♠

ACED is finally LIVE. What readers are saying: “This is the happily ever after…AFTER…the happily ever after…I didn’t want it to end, and yet, I couldn’t flip the pages fast enough. … I felt content with an ending so fit for one of my favorite book couples. Bromberg absolutely ACED this installment of the Driven series.” – Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads “I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew it would be great to see Colton and Rylee again, but it has gone way past anything I could have imagined. …K. Bromberg has tied up the love story between Colton and Rylee […]

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Aced Prologue and Chapter 1 on iBooks

Sooooo there might be a sample of ACED over on iBooks. Like the Prologue and First Chapter type of sample… get a little bromance in the sample too! Make sure you check it out so I you can get a taste of what it’s going to be like… Click HERE **If you don’t want ANY hint about ACED, don’t read the following: One note I’d like to make to those who are anti-baby in books… I want to make it clear that this book does not center around anything baby. Yes, you get your answers to your questions from Crashed but […]

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A little Sweet Ache extra to heat up your holidays…

Hi ladies… I hope you don’t mind but I decided to stop in and spend a little time with Hawkin & Quinlan from Sweet Ache.  Here’s you go: “Q?” Hawke’s voice floats down the hall, a mixed melody of curiosity and excitement in that velvet rasp of his. I shift in anticipation. My body already on fire for his touch. It’s been eight long weeks. Fifty-six days worth of Skype chats, dirty talking over the buzz of my vibrator and his strained voice panting my name. One thousand three hundred forty four hours of missing him, wanting him, waiting for […]

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