And the title of TANNER & BEAUX’s BOOK is …

And the title of TANNER & BEAUX’s BOOK is …

HARDBEAT ThroatI’m pleased to announce that the title of the third Driven standalone novel featuring TANNER (Rylee’s brother) and BEAUX will be titled HARD BEAT.

What is the book about?  Here you go:

From the New York Times bestselling author of Sweet Ache comes a blistering new novel filled with danger, secrecy, and a desire that can’t be sated…

Foreign war correspondent Tanner Thomas is addicted to living on the edge. Needing the adrenaline rush of his job to help him cope with a personal loss, he throws himself back into the game to get the next big story. But when he meets his new photojournalist, Beaux Croslyn, he can’t help but feel like he’s losing his focus—and maybe risking more… 

With secrets she won’t address, Beaux is far from your ordinary woman. Determined to keep her distance, she’s willing to pull Tanner in closer and hide behind the sparks flying between them. But as Beaux’s past begins to put their relationship—and their lives—at risk, Tanner’s determination to find the truth puts them both in jeopardy.  

He’s ready to chase her to the ends of the earth to find out if what they had was real, or if the danger surrounding them was just an exquisite heat fated to burn out….

Once I have a cover and pre-order links I will post them but for now…here you go…


  1. Oh yeah, can I have Tanner? Can't wait for this one ♥

  2. Yeah!!! Can hardly wait!

  3. When will this be released?

  4. I can't wait!

  5. 🙂

  6. You never cease to amaze me !!!

  7. Woop thank you can't wait ♡ ♥

  8. Can't wait

  9. O.M.G I’m so over whelmed with this series!! LOL they’re to many new additions coming out to keep up with! But to say I’m excited would be an understatement haha (: bring them on!!

  10. How exciting!!! 😉

  11. How do you pronounce Beaux

  12. Great title and blurb. Can’t wait

  13. Adding it to my list

  14. Love the title!!!! My heart is beating faster just reading the blurb!!!! Can't wait!!

  15. Can't wait great title

  16. Sounds like he has met a challenging one, ! Catchy title

  17. Your new great words with be amazing I’m sure. You are giving me enough to keep me intrigued in 2015, along with a few other authors, who I know are your friends. Love your work clever lady, even if you stopped writing tomorrow I’d be happy reading/listening to what you have given me so far but I look forward to your new words.

  18. I am SO glad that you have continued to write books set in the "DRIVEN" world,as we know these characters and they are a part of Colt and Rylee's lives.

  19. HAWT Dayuummm…can’t wait! = )

  20. I'm so excited that "Driven" continues with some of the other characters!!! I really hope we get some glimpses into Rylee and Colton in these books!!!

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