Aced Prologue and Chapter 1 on iBooks

Aced Prologue and Chapter 1 on iBooks

Sooooo there might be a sample of ACED over on iBooks. Like the Prologue and First Chapter type of sample… get a little bromance in the sample too!

Make sure you check it out so I you can get a taste of what it’s going to be like…

Click HERE

**If you don’t want ANY hint about ACED, don’t read the following: One note I’d like to make to those who are anti-baby in books… I want to make it clear that this book does not center around anything baby. Yes, you get your answers to your questions from Crashed but not how you expect…Having 3 kids myself, I know that babies are far from sexy…so while this sample may elude to a certain direction the story will take, it’s doesn’t go where your assumption takes you.


  1. Can't find it. I preordered on iBooks but nothing is coming up

  2. While I am excited I am a bit put off about the disclaimer to relieve the Linda I those who are anti baby. Who the hell is anti baby?! Selfish people…

  3. Can't find it either xx

  4. Tap on the book and once it opens up the details click sample. It will download the first chapter for you.

  5. Am I the only one excited about the baby?! Im so happy for them!! Can’t wait

  6. thank you x

  7. Please tell me they don’t loose the baby…that feels like your warning is about

    • No, not at all. Just some people are saying they won’t read if it’s only about a baby…. and it’s far from that. So that’s all.

  8. So frustrating.. it says it sent the sample to me but I keep checking and it's not there. Anyone have any ideas????

  9. I can’t find this on iBook? Is it available anywhere else?

    • It will be tomorrow. I’ll let you know when it goes live.

  10. II LOVED IT, ALL OF IT!! The Prologue AND Chapter 1 of ACED!!! Of course now it’s going to be so much harder to wait, so unfair!!! This is worse than waiting for my Christmas and Birthday gifs combined !!! The waiting, the anticipation, the waiting, for a Amazingly Superb Book by K. Bromberg “ACED”!! And she “ACED IT!!!” Now I wait with anticipation, counting the days, hope they hurry along!!!!!!

  11. Thanks for the teaser.
    In the epilogue of Crashed they had a six year old After 7 years of marriage. So this seems to change things up a bit.
    They married , so what’s the problem people with them having a baby? It just makes a nice end . Tying up a loose ends that’s all. Parents can be sexy as hell.

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